This post was from September 1. Still working out those details:)

Astro Post: This morning with the moon conjunct Uranus, we might feel inclined to deter our regularly scheduled programming. Uranus in Aries has been awakening our sense of self, and with the waxing moon we could feel rebellious or unwilling to go with things as they’ve been unfolding. Don’t allow yourself to be restricted-be the most original version of you there is, you’ll feel better. Seems like it’s hard to do this because…

The T-Square from the Sun-Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces and both square Saturn in Scorpio (say that 5 times fast!) feels like a tug of war between the physical world and the spirit realm. What is perpetuating this disconnect? Are we taking care of our bodies, practicing self-care? Are we neglecting to acknowledge our Oneness with all of creation? The answer lies hidden below the surface, deep in the Underworld. Saturn in Scorpio is testing us, making sure the things we share with others are what we need to move forward. Are your boundaries clear or are others invading your space, or vice versa? Are you able to let go of those folks and those situations that aren’t serving your best interests? Our feeling place, our intuition will be our guide in these murky depths. We can balance the energies of detail-oriented Virgo (body) and big-picture Pisces (spirit) by digging a little deeper, in the spirit of research and investigation, beyond ourselves into the mysterious place where we become one with others