Saturn will transit the sign of Pisces starting now through the next couple of years. Here are the exact dates:

  • 3/7/23 6.34am MST thru 5/24/25 8.35pm MST (Saturn will break into Aries and go retrograde)
  • 9/1/25 1.06am MST thru 2/13/26 6.11pm MDT (Saturn shifts into Aries and stays)

Saturn had been in Aquarius since 12/16/2020, and between 3/21-7/1/2020. Saturn’s Great Conjunction with Jupiter took place at 0 Aquarius on December 21, 2020 at 11.20am MST.

The last time Saturn transited Pisces was in the 90s:

  • 5/20/93 9.58pm MST thru 6/30/93 1.29am MST (Saturn retrogrades into Aquarius)
  • 1/28/94 4.43pm MST thru 4/7/96 1.50am MST (Saturn shifts into Aries)

The time before that was in the 60s:

  • 12/15/64 10.39pm MST thru 3/3/67 2.31pm MST (Saturn shifts into Aries)

During the 30’s Saturn moved thru Pisces like this:

  • 2/14/35 7.08am MST thru 4/24/37 11.29pm MST (Saturn shifts into Aries and retrogrades)
  • 10/17/37 8.40pm MST 1/14/38 3.32am MST (Saturn shifts into Aries and stays)

And at the turn of the last century:

  • 4/13/05 1.40am MST thru 8/16/05 5.40pm MST (Saturn retrogrades into Aquarius)
  • 1/8/06 5.48am MST thru 3/19/08 7.23am MST (Saturn shifts into Aries)


Saturn is the planet that creates boundaries and structure in your chart. It can seem restrictive but the lessons it provides allow you to grow and develop. Saturn tries to establish routine and order, and through exercising discipline rewards long-term seekers. It spends about two and a half years in each sign and by the time it shifts considerable depth and wisdom should be cultivated in that area of your chart. The level-up effect is the result of your hard work, which Saturn requires.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the mutable water sign. The mutable quality represents the changing seasons, and the adaptability of the intertwined fish. Water is emotion and intuition, and Pisces swims along the deep currents. An intriguing mashup of all the previous eleven zodiac signs, Pisces seems to have little bits of lots of different energies. They can seem fiery, they can seem down to earth, they can really be anything because they really are every woman.

Pisces represents the end of life, and all things washing back to the sea. Everything disintegrates and forms into something new, and this sign represents letting go and letting god. There’s a head-trippy, almost religious sense of connectedness with all things when talking about the fish, because we know that we are just a piece of a larger whole. This connection to our deepest feelings through our connection to the universe and collective consciousness is a part of Pisces’ relation to the 12th House.

The subconscious is in these deep waters of Pisces. Things that were repressed or are inaccessible to our waking mind, things we experience in the dream state, and things that we pull out of the air around us are all affected by this transit. Things might seem to come out of the proverbial woodwork at this time, but these things are manifestations of your inner reality. Are you attending to your responsibilities?

This time can create a great amount of fear generating from your unconscious. You must learn to face this element of yourself so you can connect to the world around you. Pisces can enable addictive tendencies during this time, because it might feel better to numb your pain or chase levity, but habits are formed quickly during this time. I strongly advise that you don’t generate bad habits during this time, especially when it comes to drinking. Don’t play with alcoholism because those waters run deep and they can get you.

The Piscean rulership of the 12th House is the house of hidden enemies and forces. On the surface I think there will be developments with covid and other illnesses, starting with the avian flu that is now showing up in mammals across the world. Because they can’t be seen, I think there will be a proliferation of illnesses – made more severe by the ongoing effects from long covid. The US ending the national emergency and disbanding covid response in May will result in much more unchecked illness.

The 12th House also deals with institutions and institutionalization. Areas where you give up personal identity to be part of a larger whole: being admitted to the hospital, engaging academia, being arrested, etc. These areas and institutions will experience a dissolving, a changing of the way that we experience our relation to them. We are already watching certain institutions dissolving like that Silicon Valley bank situation.

Saturn moving through Pisces might seem like sifting through an inordinate amount of muddy water, but that will be the only way to ensure that what you are doing is right. The ongoing era of mis- and disinformation will surge into this time, because we will probably reach saturation during this time and reality and fiction will be very difficult to tell apart. The point of mis- and disinformation is not necessarily to trick you outright but to make it so hard to find the truth that you give up. Saturn will really be testing everyone’s mental acumen when it comes to emotional response and media literacy.

If you were born during the times listed above, you are now experiencing your Saturn Return. The actual date of your Return can be found by looking at your chart, but for all intents and purposes you are experiencing a crucial time of seemingly fateful choices and consequences. Have you learned your Pisces lessons? Can you go with the flow and not lose yourself in the process? Do you value your vision of your life enough to make it reality? Do you know who you are even when the world around you changes? This time comes to your life as a series of trials and tribulations, but guess what? If you handle your shit, you get to mature and grow up. And you will be more powerful than before. I can hear all the 90s kids turning 30.

This time offers you a period of profound psychological growth. Don’t be afraid of what you feel. Let your antennae be up and attuned to what is happening around you, and you won’t go wrong.

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