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Full Moon in Capricorn 7/16


Of course I claim Mercury Retrograde Probs in posting two days late, but the Full Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday was also a lunar eclipse which lit up – or dimmed – 24Β° β™‘ . I took an chart of the moment around 2pm MDT, which shows that the moon and eclipse were not visible from here in UT (πŸŒ• symbol at bottom of chart next to ‘IC’).

Full moons are typically time to take action, where we are energized by the conscious solar light shining on the subconscious of the moon. The New Moon in Cancer, which was also the total solar eclipse at 10Β° β™‹, would have given impulse to the things requiring our attention now. The axis of Cancer/ Capricorn finds us navigating our inner and public workings.

Capricorn’s keyword is responsibility. Ruled by stern Saturn, it is the sign of longevity. Capricorn must always improve over time, like its animal totem sea-goat climbing from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain. It is the cardinal third earth sign, giving initiative to lasting effect through hard work. Capricorn is organized and strategic, and uses limitations not as hindrances but rather as stepping stones. Its association with the astrological 10th house also influences public roles in life as well as career aspirations and overall lifeplan.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is shining in conjunction with ruler Saturn as well as Pluto. Our attention will be drawn to responsibilities we must face, ones that will have Saturn long-lasting impact as well as Pluto disruption and transformation. There’s something very “Hanged Man” from the Tarot about this energy to me- you gotta do what you gotta do, but make sure this new perspective is leveling you up. That strong Saturn energy might make you feel trapped, but there is something you need to learn about this. In a practical sense, you might find yourself on a tighter budget than you’re used to, but you have to learn how to handle it by doing it.

In the public sense there are a number of things that are slowly reaching a boiling point. Regardless of your views, no one is immune from the pressure and churning dissatisfaction. The timing of certain comments made last weekend by certain megalomaniacs are amplifying the intensity of the conjunction of Saturn/Pluto/Full Moon. There doesn’t seem to be a respite as we all will be forced to deal with the fallout. The crisis of the North Node in Cancer lies directly opposite this full moon as well. America is being forced to self-identify and the process is painful at best. Hopefully the tension that this activates will encourage us all to do our part and make collective changes. We need to move into a mode of feeling everything personally, deeply. We cannot separate ourselves from the plight of others. We need to embody nurturing, empathetic Cancerian energy.

Adding to the melee is the Full Moon in opposition to Mercury Retrograde. You might not be observing as much progress as you’d like, keep chipping away at it. The Cap Full Moon likes to get things done, but it seems like your efforts are thwarted. Rather than take in the whole big picture at once, break it down into manageable pieces. You’ll be pleased if you can see your efforts through to the end. This Retrograde energy also has the potential to see communication colored by power struggles. Through the end of the month it’ll help to speak from the heart without forcing your hand. It’ll be easy to push too hard. Help people realize that you are on their team.

If you can use your limitations constructively, this time can be of great use. Keep your eyes on the prize, and get yourself ready to win it.



P.s. used my Pottinger ephemeris, Maynard planner, and to prep this post.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse/North Node in Cancer 7/2/17

No biggie!

So the new moon will happen just about on the Midheaven here in Utah, around exactly 12.16 pm.

There’s a lot going on just as we’re about to head into Mercury Retrograde this weekend. And nothing brings me out of a posting slump faster than going off about Mercury Retrograde!

Check the video for details.

Also, here’s my post about the North Node in Cancer.



Celebrate Independence Day by calling your elected officials regarding human rights atrocities at our border! πŸŽ†πŸŒ­πŸŽ‡

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New Moon in Pisces 3/6/19

Hey ho,

The new moon in Pisces is upon us, all washed away with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces as well. New moons are when the moon is dark and the sun and moon return to the same point. Over the course of the month they separate and become full and wind down again. This is said to be a fertile time where new energy can be born and developed to its maturity on the full moon. New moon seeds, full moon harvests.

Pisces is the mutable water sign. This means they respond to the their environment emotionally. If water signs Moon Cancer is the tides and the rivers and Pluto Scorpio is the ice caps and pressurized caves, Neptune Pieces is the deep ocean current and the evaporated water in the atmosphere. Pisces picks up on EVERYTHING. And the sign is a combination of all previous 11 signs of the zodiac.

It’s associated with the depths of the subconscious, and to connection to the Other Side. It’s where our whole identity washes away and we are one with the universe.

Check out this chart! Mercury Retrograde conjunction Moon at 29Β° Pisces, all up on that Midheaven. No wonder I’ve been doing videos recently. Also Neptune rules cameras.

And check out this video, too:

New Moon in Pisces 3/6/19

Basically, get into the deep end. We’ll have a unique opportunity to merge and see things from another point of view. Don’t get drowned in the emotional flooding, submit and allow it to wash away what’s past.



P.S. I used my ephemeris, my


Hi everyone,

It’s the first Mercury Rx of the year, out of three in mostly the water or emotional energy signs. Grab the tissues, amirite, water signs? So real quick, a retrograde happens when our relative orbit makes the planet seem to slow down and reverse motion in the night sky. There are actually 3 parts to a retrograde event:

  1. The Shadow Zone. Not an 80’s movie, this is when the planet first moves through the area of the zodiac (we keep track by Β°) the retrograde occurs. In this instance, Mercury will be backing up to 16Β° Pisces from 29Β° – the last degree in all the zodiac. Mercury first entered 16Β° Pisces on February 3. What does this mean? Any cycles or major themes in relation to Mercury-ruled stuff will be reexamined during the retrograde. As I mention in the video, February was rough for me. Can’t wait for this nonsense.
  2. The Retrograde. This is where all the nonsense happens. Whatever was wound up during the Shadow Zone gets unwound during the retrograde. Or tangled af. The energy of the retrograde is enhanced as we are closer to the planet than at other times of the year. It’s said that Mercury goes underground, or subconscious, during this time. Things break down, agreements, relationships, cars. Basically things get wonky – and it’ll be best if you don’t make big decisions during this time. You will probably change your mind later.
  3. The Shadow Zone Again but for the 3rd Pass. This is where we have to go back and pick up all the pieces. This takes us from March 28 to bout…April 14 or whatever I said on the video? And in the sign of Pisces, we might get washed away in our emotions – I know I already have been.

So anyway check out this video, I talk more bout it:

dramatic background for dramatic mercury retrograde

Also this energy resonates throughout the New Moon in Pisces cycle beginning March 6. We will be open to all sorts of emotional influences wer might not be used to.


P.S. Used my ephemeris and Jim Maynard’s mini planner to get the dates and times for this stuff.

New Moon in Capricorn 1/5/19

Hi y’all,

The last New Moon in Sag has peaked with the Full Moon in Cancer just before Xmas, and we are winding it down through the New Year.

The next New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn at 6.28pm MST on January 5, 2019. New Moons are when the Sun and Moon meet at the same point in the zodiac and the moon appears dark in the sky. This union of the luminaries then gives impetus through the next new moon cycle, this time culminating with the Full SuperMoon Eclipse in Leo on January 20.

New Moon in Cap means taking measure. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is associated with time, temperance, and legacy. I think it’s not a coincidence that the calendar new year happens during Capricorn season – because Cap is Father Time that brings in the baby of the new year. We always look back on the accomplishments of the previous year during this time and look forward to planning the next. This New Moon will have all that in spades as we wake up from the holiday season and see what’s ahead.

Cap’s association with the 10th Astrological House gives importance to the ideas of career, reputation, and public life. Who are we when we represent ourselves to the world? New Year’s Resolutions often have to do with professional goals or reaching new personal heights. Cap rises from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain as its animal totem sea-goat, always striving upward til they reach the peak. This new moon will put the focus on who we are as we put ourselves out there. The 10th House also gives a collective idea to the public presentation – who are we becoming together?

This new moon happens at 15 Cap, right in between Saturn at 11 Cap and Pluto at 20 Cap. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac. It puts you through your lessons and makes you grow up. In classical astrology, it was called the Dark Sun, the Great Malefic, meaning that it was bad and was gonna kick your ass. Nowadays we think of it as less scary, but it definitely is a hardass. 

Pluto is also very dark, a damn generational pressure cooker. It has to do with transformation and conflict, sometimes even challenges to authority and subversion. Contemporary astrologers note how Pluto’s transit through each sign can be linked to different military conflicts and wars throughout the decades since its discovery.

So for this New Moon to be parked in between such heavies, I’m kinda seeing what might be considered a tumultuous month ahead. Not only that, but what happens during this moon cycle has the potential to have lasting consequences. Whereas the cycle we’re currently wrapping up had to do with following our own truth, this next one will have us in the collective consequences of our actions.

I’m thinking of the crazy ish that’s going on with the shutdown right now, and actually a bit nervous about what it means if it’s still happening by the New Moon on the 5th. Regardless, we will be dealing with some wild news over the course of the next month. 

I think a feature of the New Moon chart worth noting is that we have what’s called a bucket shape going on with all the planets on one side, and the North Node in Cancer by itself on the other as the Singleton. I think that this upcoming month could very well be filled with conflict and strife, everyone worrying about what happens next. I think it’s therefore very important to step into the lessons of Cancer energy and find it within ourselves to feel deeply and care for one another out there. We all have to step into the Mother role a bit more, reaching out and caring for each other person out there. The times will be hard, but we must be soft. We must nurture and hold space for others. It might get rough. Who is going to think of the actual children out there? I’m not even quoting a Simpsons right there. I mean, like the kids in cages right now. We have to care for all the kids of the world, even if they aren’t our kids.

I hope the new year brings you health, happiness, and prosperity! Party it up and have a blast, because we will all be thinking about other more important things very soon.

Cheers and Happy New Beers,


2019 Retrograde Planner

Hey hey hey!

It always seems like Mercury Retrograde sneaks up on me, so I tried making some memes that quickly capture how our 2019 cycles are going to go.

Retrogrades are caused by an optical illusion due to our orbit relative to the planets. They do not change their orbits but the planets appear to slow their trajectory in the sky and stop, go backward for awhile, then stop and go forward again. When this happens, we are closer to the planet than at other times of the year.

For that reason, the energy the planet is operating under intensifies and goes inward. For instance, during the more familiar Mercury Retrograde communication seems to break down and during less common Venus Retrogrades we reevaluate our love. These cycles happen to make sure we are staying motivated and on top of things.

Some planets can spend half the year in retrograde! This just means that their influence is less immediate and measured more in years than days.

Hope this quick look ahead helps!!



Full Moon in Cancer 12/22/18

Hi y’all,

For whatever reason it seems easier to make a quick goofy video than trying to do a perfect write up right now, but in the vein of this full moon it does make it more intimate. #iwokeuplikedis

The Full Moon in Cancer is the culmination of the New Moon in Sagittarius on 12/7, meaning internal connection on your journey to higher truth. It’s about how you feel right now, and making sure you feel secure – Big Cancer Energy – and ready to move into your new life (after the changes of Jupiter into Sagittarius).

Just because of the plummeting stock market and government shutdown here in the US, I’ll also leave this reference to the current North Node in Cancer transit. What a time to be alive!

Make it personal thru the next new moon. Make it real. We will be dealing with a lot after new year, so make sure you’re ready.

Happy Holidays!


Saturn in Capricorn 12/19/17-12/16/20

Hey y’all,

Here’s a quick update on this long-term transit-we’re about a year into Saturn in Capricorn, good time for a checkup.

Saturn is the planet of rules and restrictions. It’s the reality check we need so we don’t get lost in dreams. While Jupiter expands and says yes, Saturn realistically sets boundaries and limits so we can measure progress. It’s often described as the heavy of the zodiac, bringing harsh lessons and grim character-building. In truth, without Saturn and its grounding influence we would be awash.

Saturn is the ruler of the sun of Capricorn, so it’s considered at home or in its domicile during this time. That means that Saturn is expressing in its pure form without being muted by other elements. Both planet Saturn and sign Cap are related to the passage of time, longevity, and legacy. Father Time is often associated with these energies, as well as Cronus and Rhea in myth.

Capricorn is the last of the earth signs which are primarily concerned with provable actions. Taurus represents the completed action, Virgo describes the methodology of the completed action, and Capricorn is the overall reason behind each completed action. I describe this as Taurus “I made a brick,” Virgo “This is how I made the brick,” and Capricorn “This brick will build my castle.” For this reason, people working with a lot of Capricorn in their charts are very concerned with reputation and public appearance. They take their personal sense of pride from the responsibilities that make them a part of their community, more than most. They are grounded and practical, with an eye on efficiency as they check their goals off of a usually literal list.

Following Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius from about 2015-17, we are now seeing the effects of the Big Ideas that happened during that time. For instance, a new tax code was passed here in America during heady Saturn Sag, that we aren’t seeing the effects of til now. I expect next tax day to be quite dramatic for some folks. Basically now we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. In another example, we elected a huge racist and now we have kids in cages on the border. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Saturn in Cap is that time.

Didn’t follow your workout regimen? Good luck staying fit during this transit. Didn’t do your homework? Don’t expect to pass the test. Saturn in Cap means your ass has to get to work. What you put in is what you will get out of this time. Anybody coasting is gonna get pushed out the way.

Basically because of the longevity of Cap, this period of time is all about sustained effort. If you don’t keep up your stamina, you’re gonna get left behind. Saturn is here to make you stronger, even if it’s gotta drag you kicking and screaming. There are always lots of karmic lessons that Saturn is trying to teach. This time is the culmination of those lessons-can you keep up? Can you stay on track? Can you maintain your budget? If the answer to these questions is no, get ready for your spiritual ass-whoopin’.

I recorded this video while drinking this summer, I don’t know if it’s any good but I do know that I learned a good Saturn in Capricorn lesson and quit smoking:

Jupiter in Sagittarius 11/8/18-12/2/19

Hey y’all,

     Welcome to the other side of the transformational transit of Jupiter through Scorpio. We’ve made it to the other side – now what? I think this first month (really Dec. ’18) while we go through the Sag Moon Cycle is like the getting our feet wet part, then after new year we will be jumping into the deep end.  

     Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and it grows whichever area of the chart in which it lands. It gives more opportunities and therefore more chances for success. It is high-minded and concerned with the General Welfare. Some Jupiter keywords are justice, optimism, luck, and joie de vivre.

Β Β Β  Fortunately for us, Jupiter is in its home sign or domicile of Sagittarius through 2020. Sag is about higher learning, foreign borders, philosophy and religion, and forging a path to higher truth. Coming out of the Jupiter Scorpio phase will lighten up the mood, but it will also shine a potentially harsh light on the changes we’ve gone through. Scorpio is deep and dark, emotionally intense, concerned with digging all the skeletons out of the closet. Sagittarius is the bright light at the end of that tunnel. It’s the freedom that comes from letting go, the adventurousness of having already faced the darkness, and the knowledge that comes from exposure and experience.

Β  Β  Β Part of the Jupiter Sag transit will be deciding individually and collectively what our IDEALS are. We will have the unique opportunity during this time to connect with people and places outside of our experience. We will expand our horizons and hopefully come to higher truths on our own.Β 

Β  Β  Β I think there will also be a resistance to doing things the ‘right’ way during this time. There are many roads to truth, and none of them are ‘wrong.’ May we resist the urge to correct others who are not the same path as us, as we wish our own journey to be regarded with respect.Β 

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Here’s a little vid I did under the xmas tree talking more bout this here:

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