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Pluto in Aquarius 3/23-1/44

Hi so here’s the dates that Pluto transits Aquarius:

  • 3/23/23 5.13am MST – 6/11/23 3.47am MDT (retrogrades into Capricorn)
  • 1/20/24 3.50pm MDT – 9/1/24 6.10pm MDT (retrogrades into Capricorn)
  • 11/19/24 1.29pm MST – 3/8/43 (shifts into Pisces)
  • 8/31/43 8.35pm MST – 1/19/44 2.30am MDT (shifts into Pisces for good)

I made a video talking about this but in no particular order, here are a number of other things on my mind regarding this transit:

Pandemic v2 – Long Covid / PASC (post-acute sequelae) – this entire generation will be absorbing the impact of our inaction in dealing with covid. Millions are probably permanently disabled, and those numbers are continuing to rise. What will the next 20 years look like for them? One guess: just ask what happens to disabled kids during school shootings or even drills.

Stochastic terrorism – the religious nuts will be hunting us for Jesus. The Christofascists are here and they don’t care about rightness, fairness, equality, or anything. They only appreciate power. We have to collectively reject them and smash the fascists. We must remain militantly intolerant of intolerance. My prediction is a bunch of y’all will try to play too nice for too long out of some sense of propriety that doesn’t exist when a group of people is trying to exterminate other groups of people.

So the symbology of Aquarius is about people power. By the end of the next 21 years, Pluto will have blazed a new way of relating to each other socially. But it’ll take some devastating events occurring before we do anything of actual substance. They say that the greatest wealth transfer in history will be happening as the Boomers die off and the Millenials inherit their parents’ property, but I think that won’t happen. First of all, we’re funneling all wealth to the top 1% and it’s not even like trying to be secret about it anymore. The wealth will be stolen just like everyone has stolen value from Millenials since 1983 (wage theft, gig economy, inflation, housing collapses, you name it). Boomers would not have what they do without taking it from us, and Gen X has graduated largely to the Boomer conservative lifestyle. Easy to do when you are able to own property, most of my generation will never be able to do these once basic things. Anyway, if the wealth isn’t stolen, I predict by the end of Pluto in Aquarius, we won’t be really interested in money as a society because we’ll be preoccupied with trying not to be crispy critters.

(Inserting here that organized strikes against capitalists, taxing the rich, going after Blackrock like the French are is probably going to be one of the main ways that we can fight. Let’s set up systems of mutual aid and have don’t-go-to-work weeks! We need to shut everything down. Sooner than later.)

So now that the populists have us all fighting about basic human rights, we really aren’t looking at climate change. It’s been warned that where I live that the Great Salt Lake will be dried up in the next 5 years (!), and with a layer of toxic sediment at the bottom of the lake, that the area will soon be uninhabitable. They’ve given us til 2030 to get the earth’s temp down by 2 degrees Celcius. I’m just not seeing us hitting those numbers.

I also think birth rates will drastically lower, as a result of the Christofascist abortion ban. People will do more not to get pregnant. Also because of increased violence and encroaching climate change, populations will plateau or decline greatly. Adding to this are things like microplastics, which are shown to be adversely affecting global fertility rates. Becoming pregnant is going to become more difficult and maintaining a healthy pregnancy and taking care of newborns will also be much more difficult.

In the video I reference the popular belief that we are in the Age of Aquarius. We will all be dead by then (2159ish), but the grandchildren who are born to the survivors of the Pluto in Aquarius generation will see the actual dawning of the New Age. The Pluto in Aquarius time will determine how that time period comes about. Will we be hippies doing Twyla Tharp choreo or will we be the Borg?

Anyway I think we all need less “Love and Light” bullshit and a lot more “Eat the Rich.” I talk in the video about moral relativism, and people generally refer to that as a bad thing. But moral absolutism, or the idea that there are certain moral positions that are static across cultures, was made by the same old white dead dudes that gave us racist eugenicist psychology and medicine. I think we all will be forced into positions and actions that we never thought we would take. Does that make you bad or does that mean you had to do what you had to do? Ya know?

TBH I think something so insane will happen before next year is over that it will redefine our cultural landscape for the next 20 years. I think we are headed into a time of mass death and conflict. If we act collectively, we might stand a chance. But y’all won’t even wear a fucking mask to make public spaces more safe and accessible for disabled people, so I’m not holding my breath. There will definitely be people trying to be leaders after the fact lol, like what you doing now? Anyway, hope I’m wrong.

I recorded a video and it’s pretty intense, and I ran out of time lolzie. After having watching several of my videos in the past, I thought I’d try not to speak in coded messages, so I’m trying to be as direct as possible. But it makes me pissed, so I start building up steam lol. Also there’s some mixed streams talking about like the Great Conjunction and the Procession of the Equinoxes / Age of Aquarius. Check it out here and please let me know if you’d like any other info or clarifications:

Saturn in Pisces 3/23-2/26

Saturn will transit the sign of Pisces starting now through the next couple of years. Here are the exact dates:

  • 3/7/23 6.34am MST thru 5/24/25 8.35pm MST (Saturn will break into Aries and go retrograde)
  • 9/1/25 1.06am MST thru 2/13/26 6.11pm MDT (Saturn shifts into Aries and stays)

Saturn had been in Aquarius since 12/16/2020, and between 3/21-7/1/2020. Saturn’s Great Conjunction with Jupiter took place at 0 Aquarius on December 21, 2020 at 11.20am MST.

The last time Saturn transited Pisces was in the 90s:

  • 5/20/93 9.58pm MST thru 6/30/93 1.29am MST (Saturn retrogrades into Aquarius)
  • 1/28/94 4.43pm MST thru 4/7/96 1.50am MST (Saturn shifts into Aries)

The time before that was in the 60s:

  • 12/15/64 10.39pm MST thru 3/3/67 2.31pm MST (Saturn shifts into Aries)

During the 30’s Saturn moved thru Pisces like this:

  • 2/14/35 7.08am MST thru 4/24/37 11.29pm MST (Saturn shifts into Aries and retrogrades)
  • 10/17/37 8.40pm MST 1/14/38 3.32am MST (Saturn shifts into Aries and stays)

And at the turn of the last century:

  • 4/13/05 1.40am MST thru 8/16/05 5.40pm MST (Saturn retrogrades into Aquarius)
  • 1/8/06 5.48am MST thru 3/19/08 7.23am MST (Saturn shifts into Aries)


Saturn is the planet that creates boundaries and structure in your chart. It can seem restrictive but the lessons it provides allow you to grow and develop. Saturn tries to establish routine and order, and through exercising discipline rewards long-term seekers. It spends about two and a half years in each sign and by the time it shifts considerable depth and wisdom should be cultivated in that area of your chart. The level-up effect is the result of your hard work, which Saturn requires.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the mutable water sign. The mutable quality represents the changing seasons, and the adaptability of the intertwined fish. Water is emotion and intuition, and Pisces swims along the deep currents. An intriguing mashup of all the previous eleven zodiac signs, Pisces seems to have little bits of lots of different energies. They can seem fiery, they can seem down to earth, they can really be anything because they really are every woman.

Pisces represents the end of life, and all things washing back to the sea. Everything disintegrates and forms into something new, and this sign represents letting go and letting god. There’s a head-trippy, almost religious sense of connectedness with all things when talking about the fish, because we know that we are just a piece of a larger whole. This connection to our deepest feelings through our connection to the universe and collective consciousness is a part of Pisces’ relation to the 12th House.

The subconscious is in these deep waters of Pisces. Things that were repressed or are inaccessible to our waking mind, things we experience in the dream state, and things that we pull out of the air around us are all affected by this transit. Things might seem to come out of the proverbial woodwork at this time, but these things are manifestations of your inner reality. Are you attending to your responsibilities?

This time can create a great amount of fear generating from your unconscious. You must learn to face this element of yourself so you can connect to the world around you. Pisces can enable addictive tendencies during this time, because it might feel better to numb your pain or chase levity, but habits are formed quickly during this time. I strongly advise that you don’t generate bad habits during this time, especially when it comes to drinking. Don’t play with alcoholism because those waters run deep and they can get you.

The Piscean rulership of the 12th House is the house of hidden enemies and forces. On the surface I think there will be developments with covid and other illnesses, starting with the avian flu that is now showing up in mammals across the world. Because they can’t be seen, I think there will be a proliferation of illnesses – made more severe by the ongoing effects from long covid. The US ending the national emergency and disbanding covid response in May will result in much more unchecked illness.

The 12th House also deals with institutions and institutionalization. Areas where you give up personal identity to be part of a larger whole: being admitted to the hospital, engaging academia, being arrested, etc. These areas and institutions will experience a dissolving, a changing of the way that we experience our relation to them. We are already watching certain institutions dissolving like that Silicon Valley bank situation.

Saturn moving through Pisces might seem like sifting through an inordinate amount of muddy water, but that will be the only way to ensure that what you are doing is right. The ongoing era of mis- and disinformation will surge into this time, because we will probably reach saturation during this time and reality and fiction will be very difficult to tell apart. The point of mis- and disinformation is not necessarily to trick you outright but to make it so hard to find the truth that you give up. Saturn will really be testing everyone’s mental acumen when it comes to emotional response and media literacy.

If you were born during the times listed above, you are now experiencing your Saturn Return. The actual date of your Return can be found by looking at your chart, but for all intents and purposes you are experiencing a crucial time of seemingly fateful choices and consequences. Have you learned your Pisces lessons? Can you go with the flow and not lose yourself in the process? Do you value your vision of your life enough to make it reality? Do you know who you are even when the world around you changes? This time comes to your life as a series of trials and tribulations, but guess what? If you handle your shit, you get to mature and grow up. And you will be more powerful than before. I can hear all the 90s kids turning 30.

This time offers you a period of profound psychological growth. Don’t be afraid of what you feel. Let your antennae be up and attuned to what is happening around you, and you won’t go wrong.

Check out my youtube video here:

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus 5/10-6/3

Hi again,

I’m calling this one Groundhog Day!!!

Here’s a writeup reference for the dates:

-4/27: Mercury enters shadow zone at 26° Taurus

-5/10: Mercury stations retrograde at 4° Gemini

-6/3: Mercury stations direct at 26° Taurus

-6/19: Mercury exits shadow zone at 4° Gemini

This shift will echo the Eclipse season and nodes changing from Gemini to Taurus in January. In short, misinformation leading bad policy. But in a month long microcosm of the last two years.

We’re headed into the BA.2 wave, deaths will be spiking in 2 to 3 weeks. I’m leaving a bunch of info here, please mask up and stay safe!!





Please keep yourself safe!!


Pluto and the Great Conjunction

Yo yo yo,

So the Great Conjunction happened at 0° Aquarius on 12/21/20, bringing Aquarius energy to the material plane in a way that has never happened in anyone living’s lifetime. Pluto, the planet of generational change and conflict, will be shifting from its transit in Capricorn from about 2008 to the sign of Aquarius. Because Pluto spends about half the year in retrograde, it will pass over the theshold of Aquarius, and thus, over the Great Conjunction three times in the next few years. In short, change is rapidly approaching on a grand material level.

Here are the dates for Pluto’s passage over the Great Conjunction and shifting into Aquarius:

  • Pluto enters Aquarius at 5.13am MST on 3/23/23 and remains until 3.47am MDT on 6/11/23 while retrograde
  • Pluto re-enters Aquarius at 5.50pm MST on 1/20/24 and remains until 6.10pm MDT on 9/1/24 while retrograde
  • Pluto re-enters Aquarius at 1.29pm MST on 11/19/24 and remains until shifting into Pisces on 3/8/43

I predict unrest and conflict as these dates progress, probably linked to the US election cycle. Literally looks real wild. Don’t check Nostradamus’ predictions for this year. Trying not to be a tinfoil hat mf but really considering stocking up…

Me talking more lol:

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn 1/14-2/3/22

My dearest AstroHoes (I’m playing with the name ok),

It is my deepest regret to inform you that the dreaded time has returned, as it often does. Yup, it’s ’bout to be Mercury Retrograde again. And you thought last spring’s one in Gemini and last fall’s one in Libra (yikes!) were crazy?? Well get into the rounding out of the air signs as we move backward from Aquarius into Capricorn during the next couple of weeks!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the dates:

  • Mercury enters retrograde shadow zone at 24 Cap on 12/29/21 – PHASE I
  • Mercury stations retrograde at 10 Aqu on 1/14/22 (4.41am MST) – PHASE II
  • Mercury retrogrades into Cap on 1/25/22 (8.05pm MST)
  • Mercury stations direct at 24 Cap on 2/3/22 (9.13pm MST) – PHASE III
  • Mercury enters Aqu again on 2/14/22 (2.54pm MST)
  • Mercury exits shadow zone at 10 Aqu on 2/24/22

So real quick again, a retrograde is a time where the earth’s orbit gets inside of another planet’s orbit and it appears to move backward through the night sky. It happens about three or four times a year with Mercury because it’s moving faster inside its closer orbit.

The common advice during Mercury Retrograde is that communication will come to a halt, not to sign contracts, etc. Because it’s the planet of intellect and expression, it broadly points to a time where you will be changing your mind and coming to different conclusions. Signals and wires are said to be crossed during this time, so being careful to cross your t’s and dot your i’s is paramount.

In the sign of Aquarius, Mercury is in top form, and it needs to be because it affects everyone. Aquarius is group dynamics, not only where you belong and identify, but as an individual what you bring to the table. People might be feeling out of sorts when it comes to group dynamics, feeling like they don’t belong. The thing is though, this time is to specifically reevaluate whether or not you feel like you want to be sitting at the table to begin with. Not just do they want me, but do I really want them? -type vibes. Are the people I’m surrounding myself with supporting my goals and dreams? Visions of the future are Aquarius af, who’s with you in your vision?

Then as Mercury backs up into Capricorn, the mood changes from hopes and dreams and friends and whatnot to a what am I doing with my life? -type vibe. It gets a lot more practical. Not just the yearning for formless dreams, but the planning on how to specifically achieve them. We’re also moving from an air north node to an earth north node during this time, which will be a little preview of the year ahead. Brainstorming time is coming to a close, as Mercury digs up old business in Cap, it’s go time.

The Retrograde over the Conjunction and America’s Pluto Return are some pretty big omens for the year ahead and thru 2024. The Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn represents the ability of the masses to bring future vision into the physical realm, which is now Aquarius – or people power – in a way it’s never been before. This is making some prematurely say it’s the Age of Aquarius, but it’s not yet. We’re literally waking up to what it’s gonna take, and in true Aquarius fashion, it’s gonna take all of us. We’re all going to have to start doing things differently. Something I’m thinking of right before I post this is how they’re gonna try to keep fuckin selling us normal lol, getting back to something. Stop doing normal, stop trying to go back. Do different, do now. This time will bring this to awareness.

Venus Retrograde ALSO in Capricorn is coming to a close at the end of the month, and just a few days after, Mercury will go direct. My prediction is this little bubble of breathing room during the last couple weeks during the holiday season are coming to a close and shit’s about to speed up real quick.

Also Mercury Retrograde happening over the Great Conjunction and America’s Pluto Return is going to facilitate some crazy happenings in the US. The Republican tax reform of a couple years ago is solidifying more and more, and as we head into tax season I think people are going to be pissed. There are also some huge Supreme Court rulings coming out over the next couple weeks, I’m not expecting to be pleased about it? Lol

Check out this video for more juice lol:



Full Moon In Taurus 11/19 and Eclipses!


The Full Moon In Taurus is exact at 1.57am MST, with a 2.03am exact Partial Lunar Eclipse, at 27 Taurus. This is the height of activity for intentions set at the New Moon In Scorpio on 11/4, and winding down at the next New Moon In Sagittarius on 12/4.

Taurus is the sign of value and possessions. Self-esteem, how we value ourselves. And also as the first earth sign, it signifies what we do. What actions we take and what we create. Taurus’ fertile earth energy brings blossoms and Venus-ruled grace where it lands in the birth chart.

During this lunation we will be conscious of worth. Have the changes we’ve been making add value to what we’re trying to do? I think also as a part of the Scorpio New Moon cycle, this time will make us think about what we ourselves are bringing to the table. What is OUR worth? Are we fulfilling that and bringing it to the table?

I think this time will also highlight the various strikes and wage situations going on right now. Am I being paid what I’m worth?

This full moon will also be the first eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio that will last through Summer 2023. They have been along Gemini and Sagittarius since the beginning of 2020, but now the north node is shifting and will be from Gemini into Taurus on 1/18/22. That means that the energy we’re carrying through this Full Moon In Taurus cycle will reverberate through the next six months to a year.

What do you want to build that wasn’t there before? You couldn’t build this new thing if that old structure was still standing.



North Node in Taurus 1/18/22


The North Node will shift from Gemini into Taurus at 11.20am MST 1/18/22, and transit the sign until shifting into Aries at 1.46pm MDT on 7/17/23.

Here’s a list of the times the North Node has been in Taurus during the last century:

  • 1/18/22 – 7/17/23
  • 4/13/03 – 12/26/04
  • 9/11/84 – 4/6/86
  • 2/9/66 – 8/19/67
  • 8/2/47 – 1/25/49
  • 12/28/28 – 7/7/30
  • 3/23/10 – 12/7/11

Taurus is the sign of Value. And when the North Node is in a sign, that’s what we are in the process of learning. Common themes in history looking back on these dates include technological/medical breakthroughs, labor strikes and pay movements, human and civil rights milestones, the formation and dissolution of countries (borders in particular), as well as record-breaking natural disasters.

Coming from the mutable air node of Gemini, or changeable information, the Taurus North Node requires stability and concrete development. In this fixed earth sign, things that have been ideas until now can become a product or policy. Breakthroughs in genetics have heralded the last recurrences of this transit, with the Human Genome Project in 2003 and DNA “finger printing” in the 80s with public knowledge of the AIDS crisis. Pluto was discovered while the North Node was in Taurus, as well as neon lighting and superconductivity. Color TV and Talkies were each developed in their respective eras, developments of past transits from Gemini communication to Taurus creation North Node.

North Node in Taurus also brings social and political developments. It seems to me like these times are eras of progressive change and conservative reaction. We’re already looking at huge labor strikes as we approach the eclipses changing on the 19th, like the Coal Miners’ Strike in the 80s. Civil rights advances such as Loving v Virginia and Shelley v Kramer happened in their respective times during Taurus North Node. The Black Panthers were established during this transit. The Geneva Convention was established around the time of Gandhi’s 200-mile march. While in America the Freedom of Information Act was being established, China was beginning its Cultural Revolution. In an earlier time, America was facing the HUAC Blacklist, and in an earlier time the Motion Picture Code was established. In the early 20th century, the Standard Oil Antitrust suits broke up monopolies (Jims the camera).

This could really be true of any time, but I noticed a lot of record-breaking natural disasters happening during the North Node in Taurus. Also things like aircraft and spacecraft explosions. Heat waves, earthquakes, typhoons, you name it. The Great Fire of 1910 destroyed the Pacific Northwest, basically. The Earth sign of Taurus bout to explode some South Node Scorpio on our asses.

There’s also memorialization that happens during this time. About a hundred years ago, the Academy Awards were established under this influence. The Titanic was launched during this time. Kwanzaa was created during this time. We want to name things in definition during this transit, unlike the flighty and perhaps misleading Gemini North Node transit.

Countries also form or dissolve under this influence, notably India gaining independence from Britain around the same time as Israel is established as a state.

Check out this here video for more of me talking about this:



Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 12/19/21-1/29/22

Yo yo yo,

Here’s the shorthand dates for Venus Retrograde In Capricorn:

  • 11/18 – Enter Shadow Zone at 11° Capricorn
  • 12/19 – Station Retrograde at 26° Capricorn, 3.36am MST
  • 1/29 – Station Direct at 11° Capricorn, 1.46am MST
  • 3/2 – Exit Shadow Zone at 26° Capricorn

The glyph of Venus (♀️) shows the needs of the soul or sphere elevated above material needs or the cross. When a retrograde occurs, material or environmental needs are put above soul impulses. Venus retrograde in the sign of Capricorn invites us to evaluate our big picture. What is the overall plan, has it changed? Is our heart still in the same place? Changes to jobs, residence, and life paths will be on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Who am I now to the world? What does the world need from me, and am I willing to oblige? Reputations will be guarded with tooth and nail, ambitions abandoned. Like Mercury Retrograde in Libra this last fall, this transit will be a rough one. Lots of focus on structure, less so on nurturing.

Also with the holidays and supply chain, I’m predicting more strikes and shortages. Get ready now for a harsh winter. Capricorn is traditional and conservative, hard work is the emphasis.

Check out this video:)



New Moon In Scorpio 11/4

Hi y’all,

Tomorrow’s new moon is exact at 3.15pm MDT (Daylight Savings ends this Sunday!) at 12° Scorpio. This is the time to set new intentions dealing with release. Out with the old, in with the new. Leaves are falling in the northern hemisphere and winter is on its way.

Today (Wed 3) Mercury exits the shadow of Mercury Retrograde in Libra. We are able to move on to new topics and ideas, and into new territory of communication, likely deepening connections or intensity as Mercury zips through Scorpio through November 24. Mercury will enter Scorpio on Friday at 4.35pm MDT, preceded by Venus at 4.44am. All this Scorpio energy building up at this time seems like an invitation to make changes and let go of what’s not growing anymore. Because!…

The full moon in Taurus on November 9 will also be a Partial Solar Eclipse, changing the eclipses through summer of ’23. The actions of this month will echo through the next six months to a year or through next spring and fall’s eclipses. Wherever Taurus lands in your chart will be getting an overhaul over the next year or so.

Then right before the next New Moon In Sagittarius on 12/4, the outer generational planet Neptune will station direct. This watery spiritual delusional soupy love art magic planet is retrograde about half the year and will be direct through next summer. Because its cycles are so huge I generally don’t look too closely at Neptune, but stationing direct at this time might have effects. Like maybe weird dreams, or being overwhelmed by emotional stimuli, or suddenly being swept away in a current. Neptune dissolves and brings everything back to the ocean again, so wherever 20° Pisces is in your chart you might be feeling things, and not knowing where it came from. Just like this moon cycle, keep breathing and release.



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