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August 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 8/30-9/21

Oh hey,

It’s that very special time again! Mercury Retrograde is upon us. Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and expression has been in its home sign of Virgo since July 31. When a planet is in its domicile, it has full use of its faculties and full access to its powers. Mercury also rules the sign of Gemini, where it loves to talk and kick ideas around. In Gemini, Mercury is fast and flighty, making sure it’s up to date with the latest news and gossip. In the sign of Virgo, that energy changes. In Virgo, Mercury is slower, more methodical, and takes care to integrate and implement the ideas generated in Gemini with the deep feeling of Cancer and the burning pride of Leo. For me, Gemini Mercury gives great ideas and Virgo Mercury makes that shit happen.

Since Mercury has been in Virgo since the end of July, we might have noticed a lot of hard work getting done in the month of August. Did I mention I built a fence? Virgo Mercury is awesome with the details. Under this influence, reasoning and research are paramount, and because of this approach, it’s an excellent time for planning and organizing, getting all the ducks in all the rows. I just have to say right now that math IS important, and I DO use it in real life. Fuck what the haters say! Had I not mathed out and planned ahead, my fence venture might have ended in tears. This Virgo Mercury lends itself to mental prep, going over every possible outcome. Under this influence, we aim for precision and perfection. I really like how Aepril of Aepril’s Astrology puts it: the keyword of Virgo is INTEGRATION, having to do with making oneself whole, putting all the pieces together. Something else Virgo is great at, working with their hands to create a new whole.

Similarly to the influence of the concurrent Venus in Virgo, something that might happen is a lot of worrying about all those details. We might have a lot of critical self-talk. Because our minds are so focused on manifesting our great ideas, we might lose the forest for the trees a bit during this time. It’s important to take a step back and realize how far we’ve come while getting down and dirty with the minutiae.

We have an awesome kickoff to this retrograde with the conjunction, or joining, of Mercury with Venus and Jupiter on August 28. This will help us with ease of accomplishment after the crisis of the Mars/Saturn conjunction over the last few weeks. The blessing of all these benefic planets in the same place, between 27-28° Virgo, will bring our attention to our wellbeing and healthy habits, which is excellent before the Virgo New Moon. Jupiter is expanding and blessing, Mercury is handling all the things, and Venus is helping us enjoy our senses and the things we find pleasurable, and all of this in the sign where we can make anything into physical reality. So let’s make it happen over this weekend, and have a good time doing it!

Now for the Retrograde. A Retrograde occurs when a planet seems to move backward in the sky. It doesn’t actually change direction, but its orbit relative to the earth makes it seem like it is. When this occurs, the expression of the planet’s energy changes. It goes inward, because during a retrograde, that planet is actually closer to the earth. When we go through a retrograde period, that planet goes over the same portion of the zodiac three times. It slows and stops (called stationing), backs up and stations again, then moves forward (or direct). The area it backs up over is called the shadow zone, and we feel the effects of the retrograde from the time the planet enters the shadow zone to the time it leaves.

This spring’s rx was in the first earth sign of Taurus. It had to do with self-worth, really going over if what we were manifesting lined up with our core values. This retrograde, again from Aug 30-Sep 21, is in the second earth sign of Virgo. So the things we are reevaluating here are similar, but it’s not so much about how secure we feel. This retrograde is a revaluation of how we do the things we do. We will be going over how our routines and schedules are helping our hindering us. We’ll be deciding if the way we work is working for us. Not only does this feel right and align with me, but am I doing it the right way? Am I accomplishing what I need to in a way that is efficient and continuing to work for me?

During the last retrograde in fixed sign Taurus, folks seemed stubborn and it felt like any challenge was an assault on our very foundations. This Virgo Mercury Retrograde will be a bit different, not quite so intransigent. The mutable, or changeable, quality of Virgo will allow Mercury the room it needs to breathe. It’ll allow Mercury to change its mind when new information is presented. Though it is a period of going over our intellectual processes, during this retrograde I feel like our minds will be able to process and focus on the details. We’ll be much sharper, possibly much more critical subsequently. During this time, our minds will be on Virgo issues. We might be reevaluating our diet and exercise regimes. We might be reevaluating our jobs and how we interact with our co-workers. Our schedules and how we manage them will come up, and if it’s not helping you, this would be the most excellent time to reevaluate.

There’s always a bit of miscommunication during Mercury Retrograde, but I think we’ll be more apt to think before we speak this time. Again, a danger here is that we might be so hyper aware of the little things that people might be bothering us because they can’t possibly live up to the vision we can see. Basically, what I’m saying is be aware of critiquing others during this time, we might be brutal without realizing it. The biggest communication problem during this rx might be a tendency toward perfectionism with a sharp tongue.

Hope you have an awesome September! This is a great time to make sure things are working the way you want them. Go get em:)



P.s. used LLEWELLYN’S again, as well as my ephemeris. Used the Buddha Board at the Golden Braid Bookstore to paint this graphic.

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Full Moon in Aquarius 8/18 – OR, in which I built a fence

Hi there,

Bit late posting because I’ve been so very busy with these Leo new noon intentions. The August full moon, called the Red or Sturgeon Moon, happened at the end of 25° Aquarius at like 1 AM MST or something on Thursday.

The duality of Leo/Aquarius is best expressed, in my opinion, as the balance between personal power and people power. Leo is about personal creativity and expression, Aquarius is about maintaining that individuality within group dynamics and finding functionality as a whole. Leo is passionate and takes things personally, Aquarius is detached and seems at times not to be affected. They are opposite energies, but we couldn’t exist without both.

The moon in Aquarius gives us flashes of insight into the future. People with this moon placement in their charts have a very high intellectual capacity that is connected to their emotions. Aquarius’ cool detachment gives the moon a chance to breathe, but also to care about people on a larger scale. Humanitarian is the word for this natal placement.

This Leo moon cycle is about new heart impulses, new ways to find enjoyment and pleasure in life’s little moments and then creating those moments for yourself. This full moon plays into that by providing the interaction with humanity at large to establish what is your personal kingdom and how does that fit in with everyone else’s.

On a personal note, Saturday is my birthday! It’s been my intention since the Cancer new moon to have some house projects done, and especially this lunation, to have this yard finished and have a house party to celebrate this Leo ass. Full moons are strongest for about three days, so I think this fit in perfectly with my desire to establish my yard (Leo “kingdom” lol) and then have everyone over to enjoy it (Aquarius “people”).

Some interesting facets of this last week or so has been the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Sag. The real pressure is on next week, as I wrote before, but the tensions have been steaming for the last week or two. Mars is drive and Saturn is restriction. Since the clock has been ticking, my intensity in completing the project has intensified. Saturn is coming in with the reality check of time and space and materials, while Mars (my ruling planet) has been ram-hammering those restrictions with relentless force. Ask anyone who’s been involved, and they will tell you that I’ve been pushy and bossy and quote possibly bitchy. I, however, will tell you how much stuff got done that wouldn’t have otherwise.

It’s interesting to me that Sag is foreign countries and the ‘other,’ while Saturn is physical boundaries and structures, all fired up by Mars’ initiative energy. This is kind of the perfect time to rebuild that fence that fell down years ago. The energy and the structure are there. If you haven’t been similarly using the tension of this aspect, you might be feeling trapped or constrained. I’m not saying I’m amazing or whatever, because trust me, unrelenting rage has also been a large part of the physical exertion of this fence. In fact, no one has been safe. The vicious takedowns have been real, including yelling a a neighbor’s guest who was trying to bullshit around while I was cutting lumber. Like, going OFF. 

So before I try to pass of my bad behavior as destined by the stars any more, I’ll reinforce the idea that this new heart place we’re working on is our kingdom. It’s a new kingdom, populated by new people. I feel as though the Aquarian energy of this full moon is people running into each other with this whole new heart mojo. Does my energy fit with these people or groups of people anymore? Are my creations and contributions crucial to my teams successes and failures? Are my personal impulses and drives being recognized and honored by the group? I think a lot of the tensions in this very energetic time have to do with realigning yourself with those friends and groups of people with whom you relate. You are feeling new, I know I am. You might not feel like you align with old habits and ways of doing things. This full moon gives us the opportunity to check ourselves. 

So it’s been an intense summer. I’m very much looking forward to celebrating my birthday and gathering, expressing the fun and harmony that this Full Moon can give. If you’re around, come play on Saturday! I promise I’ll have my wrath under control by then.

But by then, I’ll have a cute yard, too;)

Go out there and get it done!



P.s. used my ephemeris as well as THE ONLY ASTROLOGY BOOK YOU’LL EVER NEED.

P.p.s. please to enjoy this fence! Hollaaaaaa. Also this lovely photo of the Aquarius Full Moon by my buddy Anthony:


Mars in Sagittarius 8/3-9/28

Hello hello,

Mars, the fiery god of war, moved into expansive Sagittarius at the beginning of August. Mars has to do with willpower, chanelling the will outward to meet challenges and face foes. It’s glyph is the male symbol, and it’s the masculine or directive energy. We’ll have a great deal of energy and drive where Mars is in our chart. Mars shows us our physical strength and stamina, where energy is directed, what motivates you. I think of it as “fight, flight, or f#<!.” Mars feels great in the mutable fire sign of Sag, especially after all these months spent in deep, dark, repressive, watery Scorpio. Sag has to do with freedom and following your higher truth, philosophies and ideals, what is outside our borders, and the lifelong search for knowledge. Sag always wants the most life had to offer, and doesn’t like being fenced in. This works out great for Mars, who just mostly does what he wants anyway.

This energy is a lot of fun! We’ll feel great as the month is starting, like we’re finally gaining some momentum. Things that are novel and adventurous will have a fresh pull on our attention, and we’ll go after our freedom with enthusiasm and excitement. This fire might have us feeling full of energy, we might seek different kinds of physical and mental challenges, and even be a bit more competitive. Our optimism might have a lot of ideas flying around, like we can do ANYTHING. The follow thru might be harder to come by because we might keep being swept away by all the fun we’re having. However, this Mars fire also ignites Sag’s heightened principles, and we might be unwavering if something crosses our sense of ethics. This is awesome, and it is needed. I think the idea is to honor that others are also seeking their higher truth, and maybe use the mutable quality of Sag to reach understanding when dealing with conflicts at this time.

We will feel a need for freedom while Mars passes through Sag, whether it’s a vacation or just needing to set our own schedules. We’ll want to see what’s out there, and won’t feel pleased to be overly obligated. Our creative drives will be strong, and we’ll want to DO more than TALK (Mercury Retrograde at the beginning of Sep will test this a LOT). We might be travelling or somehow in new environments, being introduced to new ways of thinking. A lot of ideas might be flying around at this time, and this is the energy to explore them.

So. The crazy stuff now. The official end of the Mars Retrograde period will be when he hits 8° Sag on 8/21. A lot of the issues we’ve been dealing with since he entered the shadow zone in February will be resolved or coming to a close. Good news, right! Well…

Saturn will be at 9° Sag at that time, and will conjunct, or merge, with Mars through the 26th. Saturn is the karmic debt overlord. He is always around to make sure we’ve learned our lessons and developed the structures we need to build in our lives. When we learn Saturn lessons, it pays off for us. When we don’t, we hate it. Saturn was considered a malefic in classical astrology. We know he’s there to help us now, but no one doesn’t think he’s a hard ass. He’s been in Sag since last year, testing our ideas about foreign countries and the way we approach justice and truth philosophically (sound familiar?). The blending of these two forces, right as Mars is exiting the shadow zone, will test us in a dramatic way on all the lessons we’ve been learning since February. Does that way of thinking really work for me? Are these steps I’m taking toward my own higher truth and independence really working for my life? Are the ways I’m exerting my energy toward and thinking about the world at large in line with the Universe (Saturn square Neptune influence-is this Idea I have in line with the Spirit?)?

It’ll feel pretty jarring after how easily the beginning of the month flows. Suddenly there’s a quiz on what we thought we were wrapping up! It won’t be fun. The pressure will be on, and we’ll want to fly off to get away from it all. But Saturn will keep restricting our will, we will have to face our choices and what we’ve been working through.

Because Sagittarius has to deal with foreign countries, I’m honestly worried about the conjunction of these planets here because I feel like the propensity for violence is great during this time. Be very careful, bring peace with you wherever you are. Tensions will be high.

However! Two shorter periods during this time will be a help to us. Mars will be trine the moon on August 30, right as Mercury Rx starts, so I think we’ll be feeling good and able to help others feel the warmth right as the wackiness begins. The other beneficial moon day is September 10, when it conjuncts Mars in Sag. We’ll really feel in tune that day, able to see from an elevated perspective.

Also, from 9/15-9/20, Mars trines Uranus in Mars’ home sign of Aries. We’ll be zapped with inspiration during this time. We’ll have sudden insights and coming out of Mercury Rx, we’ll feel a drive to make constructive changes. Especially after the Saturn conjunction, this energy will be very welcome. As Mars moves out of the sign of Sag we’ll look back on this year and realize all the stuff that’s happened and all the things we’ve been thinking about. We should be in higher alignment and having a clearer vision of how to shape the future.

Hope this time treats you well! Use that warrior spirit wisely:)




P.s. Used LLEWELLYN’S… by Riske again.

Used my same ephemeris.

Painted the image with the Buddha Board we have at Golden Braid Books. It’s everything.

Venus in Virgo 8/6-8/31

Venus shifts into Virgo today through the end of the month. Venus is the goddess of love and attraction. She is called a benefic because she gives grace and ease through whatever sign she passes. It’s the feminine part of our nature, what is receptive. Venus loves beautiful surroundings and softens what she touches.

The sign of Virgo is a mutable sign, the second of the earth signs. She blends the qualities of Cancer and Leo, and this gives a great deal of discernment as the Mother and Father energies must make compromises. Virgo also relates to our health and habits, the way we deliberately (ooooor not) honor our self-care through diet, exercise and physical maintenance. Service also falls under the sign of Virgo, the way we work day to day, how we deal with co-workers, etc. Virgo is good with the hands, using them in work with a eye for detail that is lost on most signs.

During this transit, self-care is very important. We will have an awareness of our bodies and might take steps toward a new health and beauty regimen. We might also be feeling an ease of pressure in the workplace, like it’s easier to get things done, or the general mood lighter. Venus also blesses the pocketbook in the earth or work signs. We might notice gains because of the details we are attracting right now. Earning potential is increased. Usually tedious work might seem a little more manageable, again, even helpful or in some way beneficial. Though these things might flow we will feel very practical in spending, that Virgo discernment doesn’t let Venus therapy shop.

Venus in the sign who’s motto is “I analyze” means that a mental connection is absolutely necessary to reach our affections. If someone isn’t on your intellectual level, you might use that Virgo discrimination to be more choosy about with whom you share your time. Your emotions will be in tune with your thoughts, you’ll feel better when you can express the things you see.

The blending of these energies is very nuanced. Venus is in fall, or in her weakened state, in Virgo. Venus is receptive, Virgo is productive. Virgo’s exactness is foreign to Venus, the specificity of the energy isn’t as soft and dreamy as she is accustomed. During this month we might be really aware of tiny flaws, our eye might be distracted from the overall beauty by little things that we can’t overlook. This very morning, for instance, my awesome brother went to get me some coffee. When he came back, my first response wasn’t to thank him for his kind, loving service (also Venus in Virgo). My first reaction was to ask why it wasn’t all the way full, it seemed light. I went right for the little problem. We might have our eye on the imperfections while Venus’ aesthetic moves through the detailed sign of Virgo.

This transit also gives very high expectations about love and romance. If someone had this position in their birth chart, they might be extremely critical of partners, as Venus also shows how we interact with others. So this time might show us a lot of flaws, what are you going to focus that laser-beam-hawkeye vision on? The loving act of service or the slight flaw? During this time, the predilection is to express the latter. Now that you know, maybe you can focus on all the many good things, right?

At the end of the month, August 28, Venus joins Mercury and Jupiter at 27-28° Virgo. These three planets get along famously. Jupiter is the great benefic and Venus the lesser, he expands and gives luck and says YAAAAS, while she softens and nurtures and brings in what she needs. This expansion and attraction join forces with the intellect and expression to really blow up our work and wallets, blessing good health and harmony if we take advantage. It might be a really passive kind of energy that doesn’t do anything if we don’t activate it. There will be lots of talking, around work and the health of the body. Listen and say your peace, you’ll have researched your position ahead of time, anyway. This time will happen right after Mars passes over Saturn around the 23rd, so I think it will be a nice breath of fresh air from that madness.

So! Good, productive time if we can handle working with the details.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!





My same Ephemeris that I usually use;

And lots of my own rambling.

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