Oh hey,

So the new moon in Libra signifies a time for renewing relationships. It occurred Monday night around 19° (it’s Wednesday now and the moon is in my natal Scorpio, maybe why I feel like I am getting caught up enough to catch up).

Libra is the first sign of the zodiac to say “we are” rather than “I am.” Democracy and diplomacy are Libran ideals. Unlike Aries, who has a one-track mind in ramming down their own goals, Libra looks to the ‘other’ to get things done. This is connected to Jung’s idea of shadow, what is “you” and not “me.”

Libra is an air sign, having to do with mental energy and communication. It’s cardinal, or an initiator. Unlike Gemini, which is about expression and interplay between people and Aquarius, which is about relating to groups and mankind at large, Libra is about personal relationships. Any bond you enter one-on-one is Libra energy.

The symbol of Libra is the Scales, the only inanimate representation in the zodiac. It has to do with balance and harmony. They are very aware of the people around them, and can be artfully diplomatic and tactful. It also has to do with aesthetics and beauty, being ruled by the planet Venus. Its opposite sign of Aries can be much more ascetic, not necessarily caring what things look like, as long as they’re functional. Libra is definitely form over function. It’s the sign of the arts and inspiration from Apollo and the muses. Apollo is not the god of the sun, but rather of light itself, and what Libra touches becomes beautiful. When Apollo danced with the muses, he took on a more feminine form, and Libras of both sexes can be quite intriguingly androgynous, though always rather stunning. They have great smiles. As Starsky and Cox point out in their book Sextrology, Libra men are trying to balance the scales within, while Libra women are balancing the scales of the world around them.

Other shoe dropping, Libra can be quite shallow, only caring about what the light touches, staying on the surface. Deep, dark scary investigation falls under the following sign of Scorpio, which wants to get to the bottom, the core of any issue, while Libra would rather keep the peace. They can also be waaay indecisive, teetotaling everything placed on the scales. I’ve noticed there are two kinds of Libra: the peacekeepers and the shitstorms. They have to find balance, even if that means throwing you off of yours.

So what does this new moon mean? It means planting seeds within our relationships that will develop into personal value during the next full moon in Taurus. This lunation is significant especially coming out of the lunar eclipse in Aries (last of the Blood Moon tetrad) and the recent Mercury retrograde in Libra because it’s a fresh start, a reset button within our personal relationships. We’ve had the chance to reevaluate how we communicate and express ourselves within our relationships, and now we are seeing things with fresh eyes. This new moon gives new light, and the next month will be a revelation to many of us who expect things to be a certain way between us and our others.

The new moon happens opposite Uranus in Aries, where we are waking up to who we are as individuals. This Libra energy could be quite different for us, because who we are within ourselves is radically changing. So it’s the pull between “F#<! off, I gotta do me" and "We got this." It can be shocking, with electric Uranus shaking things up. Uranus can make us uncomfortable because the changes he brings are so jarring. But when we realize that those molds breaking are in our favor, it's easier to lean into the changes. Just another dynamic of the Aries (self) and Libra (other) axis that's been playing out over the last two years with the Blood Moon Tetrad. We are electric, and our relationships are renewed. The next chapter is up to you!

Libra kicks off the fall season in the northern hemisphere. The time of reaping the Virgoan harvest, the earth preparing for its Scorpion sleep. My goals within this new moon are finding the balance of personal needs and the needs of others. I'm also invested in surrounding myself with pleasing environs, noticing the leaves change color and all the nuances of the beauty of fall. This is a time for appreciation, taking note of what, and especially WHO, contributes to my world and to my sense of self. 'Working on relationships' seems too broad, so I'll be making phone calls and checking up in a more mindful way than I normally do. And I might just start those gym and nutrition goals from the last new moon in Virgo;)

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