The new moon is a time to look at new goals over the next month. The earth comes between the sun and moon, and the moon goes dark in the earth’s shadow. The sun and moon are said to be joined, the convergence of the masculine and feminine giving birth to a new moon cycle. This time they come together in the sign of Capricorn.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. In traditional astrology, it’s considered the ‘dark sun,’ the opposite point to both the sun and moon, the ‘luminaries.’ It’s the last of the planets you can see with the naked eye, and because of its distance, it’s the dimmest. It was called the Great Malefic, and its placement in the chart was said to cause illness, breakdowns and bad luck. In contemporary astrology, it’s thought of more as the great teacher, placing obstructions in our path to elevate us through trials and building character. The Saturn Return, around the age of 30, it’s a crucial time where folks either delve into life lessons and transcend or run away and continue the trials until they are faced.


Which brings us to the keyword of anything having to do with Capricorn energy: responsibility. We either take responsibility or avoid it. Rules are there for a reason. Structure exists to refine form. Under Sagittarius, we grow, exponentially. But we can’t just expand. We have to set limits so we can define goals. That’s what Capricorn is about, reigning things in so that they are manageable and able to be realized.


Capricorn’s association with Saturn also puts an emphasis on longevity and time-honored tradition. Structures exist because they are proven to work. Caps tend to enjoy ‘old-timey’ stuff, alluding to a classier time gone by.


It’s animal totem is the sea-goat, a creature who can swim to the deepest depths of the waters (emotional power, can cause Caps to get pulled down by depression) but who can also nimbly skip to the highest peaks of the mountains. They are wont to achieve, and will always move forward, even if it’s two steps forward, one step back. Though they usually plan ahead so well they don’t experience the setbacks other, less calculating signs might. Cap is the cardinal earth sign, an initiator and organizer of the highest order, they will take all the practical action needed to accomplish a goal. It’s my feeling that they are the most likely to actually complete a goal out of the cardinal signs, though others might set out to begin more. They also might take it to the extreme and be SUPER micro-managey.


Earth energy has to do with the body, real world sensations and experiences. So while these folks are usually very concerned with their appearance in the world (in association with the 10th house of public life), they usually know very much how to enjoy their senses in ways that other signs might be afraid to try. I’ve never met a Cap that wasn’t a secret freak in the sheets;)


So, anyway, whatever, the Capricorn New Moon! This is a time to start plans (cardinal) toward a practical (earth) goal that has to do with your public self or worldly standing (10th house). This is a time to evaluate your responsibilities. What is helping you climb the Capricorn mountain? What is dragging you down to the depths of the sea? This isn’t the time to worry about your immediate surroundings and comforts (Taurus), or your actual work and day to day activities (Virgo). This is the time to work toward your career and long-term ambitions. Don’t worry about fighting this battle, focus on winning the war. Plant seeds to this effect and over the next month, the power of the Leo full moon will help to give the personal power and confidence to take action. The placement of the new moon in your chart will tell you in what area of your life to focus this energy (and I can tell you in a reading, wink wink:)


Other major influences on this new moon include conjuncting the current Mercury Retrograde, which I touched on in a previous post. Everything I said about the new moon comes under more scrutiny because everything seems backward right now. Our thinking and communication is turned inward, it seems we’re having trouble getting our point across right now, maybe. Is what you think you want really what you want, or is it just what you want right now? Think about the future and what is going to get you to where you want to go, not just what you need right now. Right now is temporary, try to see past what might seem like insurmountable odds (thanks Saturn influence).


The new moon is also conjunct Pluto, which digs up old secrets and encourages transformation through letting go of old things. Release will be a big element of this moon phase. What is holding you back? You can’t reach out for new stuff if your cold, dead hands are clutching onto the past. Let go and let yourself become reborn through Pluto’s transformational power.


The new moon is also square to Uranus in Aries. This tension between our awareness and the “Awakener” in the sign of the self is pushing us forward. We won’t be content with things as they’ve been going, and we’ll break out of the mold. I know a bunch of folks who have changed jobs, or just quit because it wasn’t working for them right now. Go with it! Break out of what isn’t working for you. This will help us with Pluto’s call to change.


It isn’t all bad news right now, though. We’ve got a trine to Jupiter in Virgo going on, which will give ease and blessings if we stick to the ever-expanding details. Depending on who you ask, both God and the Devil are in the details, and right now it’ll be if you’re paying attention to them or not. Those pesky, mundane trifles should be our stepping stones to the future we seek, and right now those seemingly innocuous things are going to get us there. Nothing is too small to notice if we’re trying to take on the big picture.





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Also check out the book SEXTROLOGY, by Starsky and Cox. It’s a fun read describing each sign by gender.