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December 2015

Mercury Rx in Cap Shadow Zone

Today we enter the shadow zone for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. The shadow zone is the area that Mercury will back up over, so we will hit this area at about 15° Cap three times. What happens today will resonate again Jan 23 during the retrograde, and Jan 29 after Mercury stations direct.


This blurb is more to talk about the dates and general vibe, I’ll describe how the retrograde will affect each sign later. We enter the shadow today, right on top of Pluto. Mercury will hit 1° Aquarius on Jan 5, and the retrograde will last until Jan 24, again at 15° Cap conjuct Pluto. Mercury will exit the shadow zone at 2° Aquarius on Feb 16.


Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication and some say, media. It shows us how we think, use words and absorb information.


Capricorn key words are responsibility, tradition and durability. The Cap association with the 10th house puts a spotlight on public life, career and ambition.


My feeling is that this Mercury Rx will have us thinking about the responsibilities we’ve taken on. The Rx’s last year were all in air signs, so it was a lot of talking and dealing with relationships. This Rx, not so much. Well be thinking about foundations for our lives, what has longevity and what has played out its course. We’ll be thinking about work, and whether it’s working for us. Thoughts of how we play our part on the world stage, our image, will be brought to the front.


Another element in play is that Mercury will be passing over Pluto, just as it’s conjunct today. Pluto is the planet of deep transformation, phoenix from the ashes and all that. It’s destructive power wants us to tear things down so new things can bloom. It’s a sexy planet, so we might be feeling the natural urges, especially in the horny sign of Cap. Pluto is associated with Hades and Persephone, so power struggles might be present in the areas mentioned above. Mercury is quick and out in the open, Pluto is buried deep in the dark, molten earth. What Mercury unearths might be startling.


The Sun will pass over Mercury Rx on Jan 14 and 15, so we might get really aware of all the action going on these days. Things might be pulled to our attention that we hadn’t noticed before.


Expect changes this Mercury Rx. Going over Pluto 3x won’t let us escape without leaving something behind. Mercury will be pulling things up from under that we might rather have been left buried. I’m thinking a lot of skeletons will be popping up out of a lot of closets. Roll with it, fighting the transformation will make it harder.






P.s. The houses where the Rx falls will influence your chart differently. Get a reading to find out how!


P.p.s. I use THE NEW AMERICAN EPHEMERIS for the 21ST CENTURY by Rique Pottenger, based on the earlier work of Neil F. Michaelson for my astrodates.


P.p.p.s. I totally googled the image above, and it was Pinned by Isabel Summers onto Spiritual Astrology on Pinteret. Thanks Isabel!


New Moon in Sagittarius

The new moon in Sagittarius comes on December 11. New moons are a time for creating fresh energy, focusing your intention to make things happen over the next month. It’s a time to conserve energy, rather than take action. Laying low and really figuring out what you want to accomplish will help as you take action on the next full moon.

Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy, travel, religion, justice, higher learning and truth. Sag follows its own path, and it doesn’t give a shit what others have to say about it. Whereas its opposite sign Gemini wants to talk it out, Sagittarius wants to take action. It’s the mutable fire sign, fire symbolizing spirit energy in the zodiac, the divine spark that animates us. Sagittarius is especially tuned into the spirit, it’s ruling planet of Jupiter expands the mind and keeps their laser-like focus on the stars. Sag people are known for being high-minded, they have a higher perspective on life. The mutable quality responds to their environment, these people are able to adapt to any situation and are highly mentally active.

The new moon occurring at 19 degrees invites us to start off on that higher path toward our own truth. This isn’t a time to ask your partners, friends, family or whoever what they think is right. Only you can decide that, and the things you come up with on this new moon will lead you in the right direction. No one can speak your truth for you, and reflecting on it at this time will empower you to develop right action through the next month. Following your truth can be difficult, especially if you’ve been in a habit of allowing other people to be a part of your decision making processes. This is the time where we have a new start, a new chance to make our philosophy a reality.

The new moon occurs in the second decan of Sag, which is ruled by Mars. This will give extra force of will behind what we want to do right now. Keywords for this decan are pioneer, adventurer, and innovator. As I said in my video regarding Saturn’s transit in Sag, this decan can make us want to fight, and possibly go to war. I think at a lower vibration, we will see more xenophobia and harsh rhetoric toward foreigners. Hopefully we’ll find the higher vibration collectively and transcend all that kind of thing. Sag’s higher truth is higher than petty squabbles and differences.

Some interesting things happening now include Uranus over there camped out in Aries around 16 degrees. This makes a trine, or harmonious influence, to our new moon, and this gives a big electric jolt. Uranus is called the Awakener, and whatever he touches gets zapped. Things might happen unexpectedly as we start off on this new journey, and it might be OURSELVES that surprises us, since Uranus is in the sign of the “I Am.” We might find that we break down any walls we had internally, and to that I say GO FOR IT. This jolt could be the thing we need to get started on that road to higher truth. Be warned, it could be shocking.

I never want to say how things will suck, but honestly our personal one-on-one relationships might be taking some knocks during this time. First of all, Mars, the sign of passions, anger, lust and pure willpower is in its detriment in the sign of Libra. Mars is all about what we want as individuals, and in the sign of relationships that can cause friction. Mars is weakened here because our directive will might not be in tune with those around us. This lines up with the new moon. Maybe if we don’t try so hard to influence the people around us, we can focus on ourselves for a minute.
Mars is also opposite Uranus-I predict a lot of fighting…sorry. It might be a balance of how we are bursting out of our shells and how that affects our relationships.
Mars and Uranus are both square, or disharmonious to Pluto in Capricorn, creating a harsh aspect called a T-square. The things occurring within us and within our relationships will cause some kind of transformation in our public persona, how we are seen in the world at large. Pluto is power struggles, maybe these changes are at work.
Similar T-squares have been happening over the last few months, but this with Mars and Uranus has the potential to be quite violent and disruptive. Careful out there.

Venus is in the sign of Scorpio, also in its detriment. Venus is all about love, attraction, values and pleasures, and Scorpio is all about transformation, deep regeneration, what is shared and soul unions. Venus here will give depth to our emotions and make us appreciate intense encounters and people. It’s also very sexy, and makes us want to always go deeper…if you know what I mean. Don’t lose yourself in someone else right now, even though it might be tempting. It might not necessarily last, with the trine to Neptune in Pisces dissolving our boundaries. That aspect can also make us quite psychic, so trust yourself. But again, in line with the new moon, follow your own path.

Mercury has entered Capricorn, so our minds might take a more practical bent. Get ready for the retrograde in January.


Saturn square Neptune

Saturn is the planet of reality, rules and restriction. He sets the boundaries. In Sagittarius, he is emphasizing the importance of refining belief systems, as well as testing foreign borders.

Neptune is at home in the sign it rules, Pisces. Neptune and Pisces are about tuning into the higher powers that be, tapping into the universal consciousness. The way this happens is the opposite of Saturn: Neptune dissolves all boundaries, like we all come from the sea and return to it when we die (in the watery womb and through decomposition).

These two planets create a square, which is exact today. A square is a challenging aspect where things don’t flow freely, there is friction. This can cause us all sorts of headaches, trying to reconcile energies that just can’t seem to figure their shit out. It can also be incredibly motivating, calling elements in our lives to attention by putting a fire under our ass, as it were.

Right now it seems like the more we try to get a grasp on what’s happening, the answers slip through our fingers. Our belief systems are at odds with what the universe is trying to tell us. I’m thinking of all the violence going on in America, where we have had more mad shootings than days this year. Globally, people are being told that war is inevitable in the wake of the Paris attacks. Folks are being told that they are not ‘patriotic’ if they don’t support war.

Two things about this: Sag Saturn is looking for a higher truth, and it seems like causing restrictions from foreign places, like folks being up in arms about refugees, is the answer. This energy is speaking to that. In my opinion, that is the low vibration, missing the opportunity within the struggle going on now. And Saturn always brings a struggle. On a high vibe, Sag Saturn is pushing us to transcend. This stuff happening on a large scale is also happening personally. I’ve observed lots of folks experiencing a crisis of faith, seeing things from viewpoints they had not considered before.

The other thing is that with all this testing of beliefs is that the square is pushing up on Neptune, which doesn’t get pushed against: Neptune dissolves. Neptune is on a low vibe where we delude ourselves. Where we are trapped by illusions. This square is highlighting something about world and personal events that is very important. It’s vitally important that we aren’t swept away in the watery depths of delusion. We need to find solid paths to higher consciousness. Being diluted by fear will lead us to ruin. Right now is not the time to leap to conclusions. We may think we know what is going on, but time will reveal Neptune’s deceptions.

Things seem very hard right now, like we’re under a tidal wave of events over which we have no control, especially with the moon (emotions) being in an exact t-square opposite Neptune. This is Neptune’s tsunami slamming down on the mountain of Saturn. Don’t get swept away in fear and delusion. Keep your eyes clear and head for higher ground.

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