Saturn is the planet of reality, rules and restriction. He sets the boundaries. In Sagittarius, he is emphasizing the importance of refining belief systems, as well as testing foreign borders.

Neptune is at home in the sign it rules, Pisces. Neptune and Pisces are about tuning into the higher powers that be, tapping into the universal consciousness. The way this happens is the opposite of Saturn: Neptune dissolves all boundaries, like we all come from the sea and return to it when we die (in the watery womb and through decomposition).

These two planets create a square, which is exact today. A square is a challenging aspect where things don’t flow freely, there is friction. This can cause us all sorts of headaches, trying to reconcile energies that just can’t seem to figure their shit out. It can also be incredibly motivating, calling elements in our lives to attention by putting a fire under our ass, as it were.

Right now it seems like the more we try to get a grasp on what’s happening, the answers slip through our fingers. Our belief systems are at odds with what the universe is trying to tell us. I’m thinking of all the violence going on in America, where we have had more mad shootings than days this year. Globally, people are being told that war is inevitable in the wake of the Paris attacks. Folks are being told that they are not ‘patriotic’ if they don’t support war.

Two things about this: Sag Saturn is looking for a higher truth, and it seems like causing restrictions from foreign places, like folks being up in arms about refugees, is the answer. This energy is speaking to that. In my opinion, that is the low vibration, missing the opportunity within the struggle going on now. And Saturn always brings a struggle. On a high vibe, Sag Saturn is pushing us to transcend. This stuff happening on a large scale is also happening personally. I’ve observed lots of folks experiencing a crisis of faith, seeing things from viewpoints they had not considered before.

The other thing is that with all this testing of beliefs is that the square is pushing up on Neptune, which doesn’t get pushed against: Neptune dissolves. Neptune is on a low vibe where we delude ourselves. Where we are trapped by illusions. This square is highlighting something about world and personal events that is very important. It’s vitally important that we aren’t swept away in the watery depths of delusion. We need to find solid paths to higher consciousness. Being diluted by fear will lead us to ruin. Right now is not the time to leap to conclusions. We may think we know what is going on, but time will reveal Neptune’s deceptions.

Things seem very hard right now, like we’re under a tidal wave of events over which we have no control, especially with the moon (emotions) being in an exact t-square opposite Neptune. This is Neptune’s tsunami slamming down on the mountain of Saturn. Don’t get swept away in fear and delusion. Keep your eyes clear and head for higher ground.