Hi so here’s the dates that Pluto transits Aquarius:

  • 3/23/23 5.13am MST – 6/11/23 3.47am MDT (retrogrades into Capricorn)
  • 1/20/24 3.50pm MDT – 9/1/24 6.10pm MDT (retrogrades into Capricorn)
  • 11/19/24 1.29pm MST – 3/8/43 (shifts into Pisces)
  • 8/31/43 8.35pm MST – 1/19/44 2.30am MDT (shifts into Pisces for good)

I made a video talking about this but in no particular order, here are a number of other things on my mind regarding this transit:

Pandemic v2 – Long Covid / PASC (post-acute sequelae) – this entire generation will be absorbing the impact of our inaction in dealing with covid. Millions are probably permanently disabled, and those numbers are continuing to rise. What will the next 20 years look like for them? One guess: just ask what happens to disabled kids during school shootings or even drills.

Stochastic terrorism – the religious nuts will be hunting us for Jesus. The Christofascists are here and they don’t care about rightness, fairness, equality, or anything. They only appreciate power. We have to collectively reject them and smash the fascists. We must remain militantly intolerant of intolerance. My prediction is a bunch of y’all will try to play too nice for too long out of some sense of propriety that doesn’t exist when a group of people is trying to exterminate other groups of people.

So the symbology of Aquarius is about people power. By the end of the next 21 years, Pluto will have blazed a new way of relating to each other socially. But it’ll take some devastating events occurring before we do anything of actual substance. They say that the greatest wealth transfer in history will be happening as the Boomers die off and the Millenials inherit their parents’ property, but I think that won’t happen. First of all, we’re funneling all wealth to the top 1% and it’s not even like trying to be secret about it anymore. The wealth will be stolen just like everyone has stolen value from Millenials since 1983 (wage theft, gig economy, inflation, housing collapses, you name it). Boomers would not have what they do without taking it from us, and Gen X has graduated largely to the Boomer conservative lifestyle. Easy to do when you are able to own property, most of my generation will never be able to do these once basic things. Anyway, if the wealth isn’t stolen, I predict by the end of Pluto in Aquarius, we won’t be really interested in money as a society because we’ll be preoccupied with trying not to be crispy critters.

(Inserting here that organized strikes against capitalists, taxing the rich, going after Blackrock like the French are is probably going to be one of the main ways that we can fight. Let’s set up systems of mutual aid and have don’t-go-to-work weeks! We need to shut everything down. Sooner than later.)

So now that the populists have us all fighting about basic human rights, we really aren’t looking at climate change. It’s been warned that where I live that the Great Salt Lake will be dried up in the next 5 years (!), and with a layer of toxic sediment at the bottom of the lake, that the area will soon be uninhabitable. They’ve given us til 2030 to get the earth’s temp down by 2 degrees Celcius. I’m just not seeing us hitting those numbers.

I also think birth rates will drastically lower, as a result of the Christofascist abortion ban. People will do more not to get pregnant. Also because of increased violence and encroaching climate change, populations will plateau or decline greatly. Adding to this are things like microplastics, which are shown to be adversely affecting global fertility rates. Becoming pregnant is going to become more difficult and maintaining a healthy pregnancy and taking care of newborns will also be much more difficult.

In the video I reference the popular belief that we are in the Age of Aquarius. We will all be dead by then (2159ish), but the grandchildren who are born to the survivors of the Pluto in Aquarius generation will see the actual dawning of the New Age. The Pluto in Aquarius time will determine how that time period comes about. Will we be hippies doing Twyla Tharp choreo or will we be the Borg?

Anyway I think we all need less “Love and Light” bullshit and a lot more “Eat the Rich.” I talk in the video about moral relativism, and people generally refer to that as a bad thing. But moral absolutism, or the idea that there are certain moral positions that are static across cultures, was made by the same old white dead dudes that gave us racist eugenicist psychology and medicine. I think we all will be forced into positions and actions that we never thought we would take. Does that make you bad or does that mean you had to do what you had to do? Ya know?

TBH I think something so insane will happen before next year is over that it will redefine our cultural landscape for the next 20 years. I think we are headed into a time of mass death and conflict. If we act collectively, we might stand a chance. But y’all won’t even wear a fucking mask to make public spaces more safe and accessible for disabled people, so I’m not holding my breath. There will definitely be people trying to be leaders after the fact lol, like what you doing now? Anyway, hope I’m wrong.

I recorded a video and it’s pretty intense, and I ran out of time lolzie. After having watching several of my videos in the past, I thought I’d try not to speak in coded messages, so I’m trying to be as direct as possible. But it makes me pissed, so I start building up steam lol. Also there’s some mixed streams talking about like the Great Conjunction and the Procession of the Equinoxes / Age of Aquarius. Check it out here and please let me know if you’d like any other info or clarifications: