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April 2016

New Moon in Aries, Full Moon in Scorpio: #mars

The new moon on 16° Aries was April 7, real early in the am. I happened to wake up and wonder when it would be, and when I looked it up, it was happening right then. It was before 6 am. Anyway.

New moons are when the moon is not reflecting the sun’s light, and they are considered to be in the same sign. It’s a time to set new goals because it’s a new cycle of energy. Some astrologers say it’s when we’re most primal because our inner world/emotions/reactions (moon) has not yet been illuminated by our consciousness/awareness/ego (sun). I like to think of it like natural progressions, cycles of regeneration where the energy is expressed in the houses of the chart. For instance, this new moon happened in my 1st House, so it’s a new cycle of awareness in terms of my own independent physical energy, presence and vitality.

The new moon in Aries is about new beginnings. Aries is the first sign, and in western/tropical zodiac always begins on the first day of spring. This is the energy that pushes a little seed to sprout, the spark of divine fire (Aries’ element) that gives life to us all. So the focus through this moon cycle is very much about the “I Am” (Aries’ motto). It’s a new phase of personal energy. Depending on where this lands in your chart, for example, if this was in your 8th house, you might be thinking about how your personal energy meshes with those closest to you, how do you exert your will in close, bonded relationships? If it’s in your 6th, you might be wondering if your job is feeling right, or maybe that you need to take care of your health and diet in a different way.

This isn’t the kind of new beginning that feels like the end of something else. This new moon in Aries is all about you, and things that are exciting and new for you. It’s definitely very close to Uranus who has been camped out there for a couple years, and will be there for awhile. Uranus is the Awakener, so these new impulses have am electric quality. They are sudden and epiphany-ish. It’s not comfy-cozy. If you know who you are and what you’re fighting for-all Aries stuff-then you might have a jolt of lightning behind your actions, things might spring up quickly. You might be able to advance your ideas to the future. If you are not sure who you are or where you are headed, I think Uranus might have some surprises for you. You gonna get WOKE THE F#^! UP. Uranus won’t let you stay in a place that’s not working for you, so you might be busting out of other people’s ideas of who you are. Go with it, man.

Another thing I’m thinking about with this Aries new moon is that Mars is about to go retrograde. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, so they stay connected. Mars in the chart represents fight, flight or f#^!, it’s how we express aggression and lust and how we go get what we want. I think this new moon cycle for us all is about realigning with the true “I Am.” We might have a plethora of new ideas, but with Mars slowing down and going back, we might feel stifled or thwarted when we try to direct action toward an intention. This will force a careful reflection of what we really want and HOW we go about getting it. I’m also wondering if everyone will feel like everyone else is stepping on each other’s toes.

So that’s neat. A new impulse of electric energy. Who is “I Am”?

Then the other side of this moon cycle is the full moon in Scorpio. This is kinda crazy because both Aries and Scorpio are traditionally ruled by Mars, but it’s different kinds of expression. Aries will get hot-headed in your face and be very outwardly open about things while Scorpio will be less reactive while plotting revenge years down the line. Different sides of Mars. In more recent times, Pluto has been given co-rulership of Scorpio, which has to do with regeneration, long-term decay and regrowth, and the merging of different entities into one. Both signs are about new beginnings, but Scorpio must pass through death to be reborn. And unlike Aries, which is all about “me,” Scorpio is all about “us.”

The full moon in Scorpio happens April 22, and I believe it’s 2°. The full moon is when our inner world is fully conscious of itself, it’s when the light of the sun has shone its stuff into our subconscious. If you took care to plant seeds during the new moon, this is the time those seeds with bear fruit. So the new moon, lay low. Full moon, take charge.

The full moon in Scorpio takes the impulses from the Aries new moon and adds a twist: it’s going to be through those closest to you that you will be able to get what you want for yourself. This is making me ask if your goals are enmeshed with your dearest ones, if those closest to you will help you and vice versa. Scorpio is like Hades and Persephone, so this is like some intense soul-bonding shit. It’s going to be through the actions of others that your goals come to be.

Mars will be retro at that point, so you might also be experiencing a bit of a struggle with your close ones. You both might be at a loss how to have your own agenda within this union where what you share is at the forefront.

This is all I can think of at the moment, and I better post this before my phone deletes everything! Ha.

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The 1st House

My rising sign is Aries, so the Sun is currently in my 1st House. I thought it would be fun to talk about houses as I’m going through them, and off I go.

In a (western/tropical/circular) chart, your rising sign is the one that cusps the leftmost spoke where it usually says AC. That stands for Ascendant, and it’s portion of the zodiac that was coming over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth (also why the left is called the east portion of your chart, the opposite of looking at a map because you’re looking up-something I read somewhere). And that’s why it’s important to know the exact time of your birth when looking up your chart, because your rising sign and 1st House set up your whole journey through life.

The signs of the zodiac have a natural affinity with the houses. The 1st House and Aries energy are connected, as well as Taurus energy and the 2nd House, and so on through Pisces energy and the 12th House. The signs are how the energy is expressed and the Houses show where in your life you express that energy. Everyone has some expression of all the signs in the zodiac. The amount of planets you have in a certain sign or certain kind of sign will energize and activate those areas of your life in relation to the energy of the planets. The planets are the “Players.” Their placement at the time of our birth endow us with certain superpowers, as I like to think of it, and show us our strengths and weaknesses. The movement of the planets through our houses then energize other areas of our lives. For instance, Saturn returns to the place where we were born around the age of 30 and the midlife crisis around the early 40’s are usually in time with the Uranus being in the opposite place from when we were born.

So!  The Ascendant and the whole 1st House is like Aries’ motto, the great ‘I AM.’ Everything that you think of as being ‘you’ comes from the 1st House. Your personality, physical traits and habits, how you engage conflict or not, your whole concept of yourself. This is usually why people say they aren’t like their Horoscope. The energy you give off one-on-one is coming from your 1st House and is expressed by your Rising Sign. So for example, if you have Venus in your 1st, you are probably very charming and give good first impressions, there might be something very alluring or attractive about your personality, etc. If Saturn is in the 1st, you might feel like your ego is restrained in some way, like you shouldn’t get too big for your britches or something, or it could also mean you are very grounded and structured in your sense of self through trials and learning.

The 1st house is important because it’s how you start off your journey through life and the 12 Houses of the Zodiac. It’s like being a baby and realizing you have toes. I have a body! This is me! Boom! It also tells you which planet is the ruler of your chart, based on your Ascendant. Mine is Aries, so the ruler of my chart is the planet Mars. Mars becomes a touchstone in reading my chart, because it is connected to my 1st House, my body, myself. The aspects, some astrologers like to say ‘conversations,’ that other planets make to my ruling planet Mars show where energy flows freely or is bound and distressed in my chart. Your ruling planet shows major drives and possibilities for you to explore in your life.

So let’s say you have a bunch of planets in your first house. A grouping of three or more planets in a house or sign is called a stellium. There are points on the chart like the Ascendant, that can also be grouped into stelliums. When a stellium occurs, the planets involved all become fused and the energies of the planets become indistinguishable. If your Sun and Moon are in the 1st, creating a stellium with your Ascendant, you are very consciously and emotionally aware of yourself. Your outer and internal worlds are intertwined with your very identity. A stellium in the 1st could mean you have a powerful charisma and vitality to your presence, it could also show a likeliness to get so caught up in yourself that you have a hard time seeing other people’s viewpoints. The 1st House is all about you.

Since the Sun has been in my 1st House (since March 22), I’ve noticed a couple of things. I’m not as soupy as I was in the 12th house, and less apt to second-guess myself. The Sun loves to be in the 1st House because it shines its vitality into your personal being. Our awareness and energy get a boost of life-force. I’ve felt more grounded and in tune with my Aries Rising energy, ready for anything and itching to start. On the flip side, I have realized the force behind my personality comes out in a warlike, Aries/Mars way since the Sun has been up in there. I was having a conversation with some friends recently, and me not thinking, shouted out everything my loud mouth could think of. Next thing I know, everyone was withdrawing from me and one friend even left. My outburst had extra oomph behind it, and without realizing how much fire/Aries/Mars I was putting out, I kinda burned everyone. So that has been making me think about ways to use that energy in constructive ways, rather than just lashing out.

What is the I AM? It’s all in the 1st House.




P.s. if I think of more stuff, I’ll add on.

P.p.s. I’m also going to be recommending resources for you to look at if you want more astro info.

A book I really connected with at the beginning of my journey was Sextrology by Starsky & Cox. Fun and relatable with a bit of scandalousness on the side, it breaks down all 12 signs by gender. Really a breakthrough for me in terms of thinking about how different zodiac energies express themselves.

If you want to look up your chart, check out! Lots of free info, articles, etc.

Thanks again!

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