Venus shifts into Virgo today through the end of the month. Venus is the goddess of love and attraction. She is called a benefic because she gives grace and ease through whatever sign she passes. It’s the feminine part of our nature, what is receptive. Venus loves beautiful surroundings and softens what she touches.

The sign of Virgo is a mutable sign, the second of the earth signs. She blends the qualities of Cancer and Leo, and this gives a great deal of discernment as the Mother and Father energies must make compromises. Virgo also relates to our health and habits, the way we deliberately (ooooor not) honor our self-care through diet, exercise and physical maintenance. Service also falls under the sign of Virgo, the way we work day to day, how we deal with co-workers, etc. Virgo is good with the hands, using them in work with a eye for detail that is lost on most signs.

During this transit, self-care is very important. We will have an awareness of our bodies and might take steps toward a new health and beauty regimen. We might also be feeling an ease of pressure in the workplace, like it’s easier to get things done, or the general mood lighter. Venus also blesses the pocketbook in the earth or work signs. We might notice gains because of the details we are attracting right now. Earning potential is increased. Usually tedious work might seem a little more manageable, again, even helpful or in some way beneficial. Though these things might flow we will feel very practical in spending, that Virgo discernment doesn’t let Venus therapy shop.

Venus in the sign who’s motto is “I analyze” means that a mental connection is absolutely necessary to reach our affections. If someone isn’t on your intellectual level, you might use that Virgo discrimination to be more choosy about with whom you share your time. Your emotions will be in tune with your thoughts, you’ll feel better when you can express the things you see.

The blending of these energies is very nuanced. Venus is in fall, or in her weakened state, in Virgo. Venus is receptive, Virgo is productive. Virgo’s exactness is foreign to Venus, the specificity of the energy isn’t as soft and dreamy as she is accustomed. During this month we might be really aware of tiny flaws, our eye might be distracted from the overall beauty by little things that we can’t overlook. This very morning, for instance, my awesome brother went to get me some coffee. When he came back, my first response wasn’t to thank him for his kind, loving service (also Venus in Virgo). My first reaction was to ask why it wasn’t all the way full, it seemed light. I went right for the little problem. We might have our eye on the imperfections while Venus’ aesthetic moves through the detailed sign of Virgo.

This transit also gives very high expectations about love and romance. If someone had this position in their birth chart, they might be extremely critical of partners, as Venus also shows how we interact with others. So this time might show us a lot of flaws, what are you going to focus that laser-beam-hawkeye vision on? The loving act of service or the slight flaw? During this time, the predilection is to express the latter. Now that you know, maybe you can focus on all the many good things, right?

At the end of the month, August 28, Venus joins Mercury and Jupiter at 27-28° Virgo. These three planets get along famously. Jupiter is the great benefic and Venus the lesser, he expands and gives luck and says YAAAAS, while she softens and nurtures and brings in what she needs. This expansion and attraction join forces with the intellect and expression to really blow up our work and wallets, blessing good health and harmony if we take advantage. It might be a really passive kind of energy that doesn’t do anything if we don’t activate it. There will be lots of talking, around work and the health of the body. Listen and say your peace, you’ll have researched your position ahead of time, anyway. This time will happen right after Mars passes over Saturn around the 23rd, so I think it will be a nice breath of fresh air from that madness.

So! Good, productive time if we can handle working with the details.

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