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Full Moon in Virgo 3/1

Hey hey hey,

The full moon in Virgo takes place at 11 degrees, exactly opposite the Sun in Pisces. There are six of these opposites in the zodiac, and none of them show the difference between “dreams” and “reality” more than Pisces and Virgo, respectively. This full moon lights up in Virgo to remind us that we cannot live on dreams alone. We have to do things, and the more efficiently we do them, the easier our dreams will be to manifest.

Full moons are the culmination of plans and cultivation of seeds planted during the previous new moon (which was in Aquarius). It’s the time to do the things you set out to do. The light of the Sun (representing consciousness) is fully illuminating the moon (representing subconsciousness)- it means our insides are equally energized.

Virgo is the 2nd earth sign, and it shows the mutable quality. The first earth sign, Taurus, represents what we do (I made a brick). The second, Virgo, represents how we do the things we do-what is our method, our system, etc. (This is how I made the brick). The third earth sign of Capricorn represents to what end we do the things we do (This is how the brick I made builds the house I built). Virgo is all about details, and making sure things are right. This is because Virgo, like all mutable signs, combines the qualities of the previous two signs. In this case, it’s Cancer the Mother, and Leo the Father. Virgo must be discriminating and use all the lessons learned from both ‘parents’ to make their own choice. They must ultimately be whole unto themselves, like the original etymological meaning of the word.

The astrological 6th House (just below the western horizon in the sky) is associated with Virgo. Schedules, work, routines, chores, habits, and all the minutiae of mundane daily life are found and organized here. This includes our day-to-day health and maintenance. Are you taking care of your body? Are you taking care of your time? are the pressing questions of the 6th House. This full moon will tend to pull our heads out of the clouds and be more on the ground. But, those pesky life things like making sure the gas tank is filled means that we can drive toward those dreams without having to worry about running out on the way. Making sure that laundry got done means not worrying about what you’re going to wear tomorrow as you sashay toward them dreams! How are these analogies working out?


Interesting things about this full moon are that it has a nice trine to Saturn, so all this hard yet maybe boring focus on work will have long-lasting foundations. Pluto has a minor grand trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces-meaning lots of changes, but a lot of them are about the way we feel right now rather than the way things appear to be on the outside. We are connecting to some real vibey shit right now, and I’m not sure anyone really knows how that’s going to express on a public level which is what Pluto in Cap is all about. Part of that configuration is creating a pointy finger of Yod at the north node in Leo, which I mentioned before. That means that we are going to want to blend into the crowd right now, but this is the time to stand in that big scary spotlight and roar like the Lion you are this year! Overall there’s a lot going on socially, big picture wise, but this time is asking that you follow your own heart, even if it means taking a big leap.

Make sure that you are taking care of you as you do the things you do the way you do them. And take it easy on anyone who is not doing it as well as you-they are working their own process, too.

Go get em!


P.S. Used my ephemeris, checked out Llewellyn’s 2018 Moon Sign Book also, thanks for the chart.

The Generation Gap – or – “Why ‘Xennial’ isn’t a thing”

Hi everyone,

I’ve been seeing things being passed around on social media about a microgeneration between GenX and Millenials. THERE ISN’T ONE, Y’ALL. ‘Xennial’ isn’t a thing. Stop trying to make ‘Xennial’ happen. They used to call that nonsense “GenY,’ but this 2014 Atlantic article explains why that’s not a thing. Three years ago. So what began as an eye roll, here’s a perspective on the generational breakdown through astrology:

First, Pluto is the planet (I know it’s not really a planet, that’s what the bodies are called in astrology) of transformation. It’s the furthest out there, and it has a long orbit. With Uranus and Neptune, it is called one of the generational planets because the length of time it spends in each sign makes its effect more collective than personal. I’m also going to acknowledge that some astrologers are discussing whether or not Pluto still counts sans official planetary status, an false invention of the 20th century. In modern astrology, it’s considered to be the ruler of the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio’s attachment to the 8th Astrological House has to do with shared values and other people’s money; regenerative processes like sleep, sex, and death (think rebirth, like the tarot); and letting go or releasing energy. Wherever Pluto is in our chart, those deep, transformative processes are sure to be working in our lives. Pluto, as archetypical ruler of the underworld, can often show where we get into power struggles as well. Its placement shows where energies can erupt from the subconscious, from the molten core.

NOW. It’s my assertion, and other astrologers have probably touched on it, that our Pluto placement is really the indicator to which generational group we belong. I’m going to use the planetary dates in general, from the years that the planet shifted signs and didn’t go back. Pluto’s irregular orbit means that it spends more or less time in certain signs, and it’s retrograde period of about half a year means that it does spend some months and years going back and forth between signs. As a collective influence, Pluto shows the reaction of each generation to the previous one. As it moves through each sign, it slowly transforms the way the generation responds to the energy of the sign.

Without further ado, here is my exhaustively researched, sublimely eloquent, and ultimately definitive viewpoint on where the generational lines fall, according to astrology:

LOST GENERATION (Pluto in Gemini, 1883-1914, 31 years) Gemini is about communication and information, and this time saw mass media like never before. Newspapers, phonograph, photography, radio, telephone. Airplane and automobile. Industrial revolution, establishment of the fed, monopolies and trustbusters. This generation was decimated by WWI.

G.I. or GREATEST GENERATION (Pluto in Cancer, 1914-1939, 25 years) Cancer is the sign of the home, personal identity, and feeling. WWI followed by the Depression and Dustbowl shook us to the core, American identity had to be reformed. We took to insular politics for awhile, like a crab hiding in its shell. The bulk of those who fought in WWII born during this time.

SILENT GENERATION (Pluto in Leo, 1939-1957, 18 years) Leo is the sign of the King, and larger than life figures dominated their way through WWII. New Deal. United Nations is formed. Abuse of Leo power shown in McCarthyism. Korean War. Pluto’s 10th house placement in Leo meant that public life was changing, it was important to keep up with Joneses especially during this transit-everyone was watching you.

BABY BOOMERS (Pluto in Virgo, 1957-1972, 15 years) I actually think this might be my most controversial point. If you look at actual population growth post WWII, it is in these years that it really spikes. Virgo is a powerfully feminine sign and relates to the Everywoman/man, Kennedy and Johnson’s social programs were popping, time called Era of the Great Society. The bulk of the American civil rights movement happened during this time. In terms of Virgo practicality, we did things never before achieved like the moon landing. This time is also going from Korean War to Vietnam.

GENERATION X (Pluto in Libra, 1972-1984, 12 years) Libra is relationship, balance and harmony, the roots of democracy. This time period saw the end of Vietnam, improving relations with China, as well as the Freedom of Information Act and the Equal Rights Amendment. This is also the Sexual Revolution, people more openly questioning traditional gender roles.

MILLENIALS (Pluto in Scorpio, 1984-1996, 12 years) Pluto is in its domicile or at home in Scorpio: shared values through release and regeneration. Last generation before advent of social media, also last group to recall a pre 9/11 world. Scorpio destruction saw fall of Berlin Wall, dissolution of USSR, Yugoslavia. AIDS crisis during this time, putting sexual health at the forefront, also a Scorpio thing, as well as reproductive changes, test-tube babies, cloning and genetic engineering. Gulf War, Iran Contra, etc. Degeneration of lending practices sets up future Recession. Things get sneakier, more repressed?

PLUTO IN SAGITTARIUS (1996-2009, 14 years, the next one, haven’t been named yet): 9/11, War on Terror, have never seen a world without social media. Internet made borders obsolete, smartphones and social media brought people from foreign places (a Sag thing) together like never before while the Recession limited the resources of young people in ways not seen in almost a century.

PLUTO IN CAPRICORN (2009-2024, 15 years) This transit will transform the way we operate collectively. Capricorn is the sign of public life, legacies, and longevity, as well as moving through fear. This time will challenge all of us on how we operate together.  No pressure though. The war in Iraq, as well as the Syrian refugee crisis, mass shootings, and global increase in terrorism mark the changing nature of war, as Pluto is related to conflict.

Since this endeavor began as a response to the GenX/Millenial gap, here are the exact dates of the transition between these two generations:

  • Pre 10/5/1983 Pluto in Libra (GenX)
  • 10/5/1983-5/17/1984 Pluto in Scorpio (Millenial)
  • 5/18/1984-8/27/1984 Pluto in Libra (GenX)
  • Post 8/28/1984 Pluto in Scorpio (Millenial)



P.S. I used my Pottinger/Michelson Ephemeris for reference, as well as The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk and Astrology: A Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey. I also glanced at some Wikipedia for the traditionally given generation names, and had some really useful information about world population growth over time.

P.P.S. I think the reason folks don’t feel like a GenXer or a Millenial is because the transition between the two energies marks a change. Going into 1984 was the end of the GenX Pluto in Libra energy. They might not relate to someone who came at the previous shift from Virgo in 1972. The progression of Pluto in Libra created a new outcome which led to the shift into Scorpio. Maybe the people in the middle of the time period feel more like a “real” GenXer or Millenial? Who knows…that’s the discussion, right?



Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 8/30-9/21

Oh hey,

It’s that very special time again! Mercury Retrograde is upon us. Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and expression has been in its home sign of Virgo since July 31. When a planet is in its domicile, it has full use of its faculties and full access to its powers. Mercury also rules the sign of Gemini, where it loves to talk and kick ideas around. In Gemini, Mercury is fast and flighty, making sure it’s up to date with the latest news and gossip. In the sign of Virgo, that energy changes. In Virgo, Mercury is slower, more methodical, and takes care to integrate and implement the ideas generated in Gemini with the deep feeling of Cancer and the burning pride of Leo. For me, Gemini Mercury gives great ideas and Virgo Mercury makes that shit happen.

Since Mercury has been in Virgo since the end of July, we might have noticed a lot of hard work getting done in the month of August. Did I mention I built a fence? Virgo Mercury is awesome with the details. Under this influence, reasoning and research are paramount, and because of this approach, it’s an excellent time for planning and organizing, getting all the ducks in all the rows. I just have to say right now that math IS important, and I DO use it in real life. Fuck what the haters say! Had I not mathed out and planned ahead, my fence venture might have ended in tears. This Virgo Mercury lends itself to mental prep, going over every possible outcome. Under this influence, we aim for precision and perfection. I really like how Aepril of Aepril’s Astrology puts it: the keyword of Virgo is INTEGRATION, having to do with making oneself whole, putting all the pieces together. Something else Virgo is great at, working with their hands to create a new whole.

Similarly to the influence of the concurrent Venus in Virgo, something that might happen is a lot of worrying about all those details. We might have a lot of critical self-talk. Because our minds are so focused on manifesting our great ideas, we might lose the forest for the trees a bit during this time. It’s important to take a step back and realize how far we’ve come while getting down and dirty with the minutiae.

We have an awesome kickoff to this retrograde with the conjunction, or joining, of Mercury with Venus and Jupiter on August 28. This will help us with ease of accomplishment after the crisis of the Mars/Saturn conjunction over the last few weeks. The blessing of all these benefic planets in the same place, between 27-28° Virgo, will bring our attention to our wellbeing and healthy habits, which is excellent before the Virgo New Moon. Jupiter is expanding and blessing, Mercury is handling all the things, and Venus is helping us enjoy our senses and the things we find pleasurable, and all of this in the sign where we can make anything into physical reality. So let’s make it happen over this weekend, and have a good time doing it!

Now for the Retrograde. A Retrograde occurs when a planet seems to move backward in the sky. It doesn’t actually change direction, but its orbit relative to the earth makes it seem like it is. When this occurs, the expression of the planet’s energy changes. It goes inward, because during a retrograde, that planet is actually closer to the earth. When we go through a retrograde period, that planet goes over the same portion of the zodiac three times. It slows and stops (called stationing), backs up and stations again, then moves forward (or direct). The area it backs up over is called the shadow zone, and we feel the effects of the retrograde from the time the planet enters the shadow zone to the time it leaves.

This spring’s rx was in the first earth sign of Taurus. It had to do with self-worth, really going over if what we were manifesting lined up with our core values. This retrograde, again from Aug 30-Sep 21, is in the second earth sign of Virgo. So the things we are reevaluating here are similar, but it’s not so much about how secure we feel. This retrograde is a revaluation of how we do the things we do. We will be going over how our routines and schedules are helping our hindering us. We’ll be deciding if the way we work is working for us. Not only does this feel right and align with me, but am I doing it the right way? Am I accomplishing what I need to in a way that is efficient and continuing to work for me?

During the last retrograde in fixed sign Taurus, folks seemed stubborn and it felt like any challenge was an assault on our very foundations. This Virgo Mercury Retrograde will be a bit different, not quite so intransigent. The mutable, or changeable, quality of Virgo will allow Mercury the room it needs to breathe. It’ll allow Mercury to change its mind when new information is presented. Though it is a period of going over our intellectual processes, during this retrograde I feel like our minds will be able to process and focus on the details. We’ll be much sharper, possibly much more critical subsequently. During this time, our minds will be on Virgo issues. We might be reevaluating our diet and exercise regimes. We might be reevaluating our jobs and how we interact with our co-workers. Our schedules and how we manage them will come up, and if it’s not helping you, this would be the most excellent time to reevaluate.

There’s always a bit of miscommunication during Mercury Retrograde, but I think we’ll be more apt to think before we speak this time. Again, a danger here is that we might be so hyper aware of the little things that people might be bothering us because they can’t possibly live up to the vision we can see. Basically, what I’m saying is be aware of critiquing others during this time, we might be brutal without realizing it. The biggest communication problem during this rx might be a tendency toward perfectionism with a sharp tongue.

Hope you have an awesome September! This is a great time to make sure things are working the way you want them. Go get em:)



P.s. used LLEWELLYN’S again, as well as my ephemeris. Used the Buddha Board at the Golden Braid Bookstore to paint this graphic.

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Venus in Virgo 8/6-8/31

Venus shifts into Virgo today through the end of the month. Venus is the goddess of love and attraction. She is called a benefic because she gives grace and ease through whatever sign she passes. It’s the feminine part of our nature, what is receptive. Venus loves beautiful surroundings and softens what she touches.

The sign of Virgo is a mutable sign, the second of the earth signs. She blends the qualities of Cancer and Leo, and this gives a great deal of discernment as the Mother and Father energies must make compromises. Virgo also relates to our health and habits, the way we deliberately (ooooor not) honor our self-care through diet, exercise and physical maintenance. Service also falls under the sign of Virgo, the way we work day to day, how we deal with co-workers, etc. Virgo is good with the hands, using them in work with a eye for detail that is lost on most signs.

During this transit, self-care is very important. We will have an awareness of our bodies and might take steps toward a new health and beauty regimen. We might also be feeling an ease of pressure in the workplace, like it’s easier to get things done, or the general mood lighter. Venus also blesses the pocketbook in the earth or work signs. We might notice gains because of the details we are attracting right now. Earning potential is increased. Usually tedious work might seem a little more manageable, again, even helpful or in some way beneficial. Though these things might flow we will feel very practical in spending, that Virgo discernment doesn’t let Venus therapy shop.

Venus in the sign who’s motto is “I analyze” means that a mental connection is absolutely necessary to reach our affections. If someone isn’t on your intellectual level, you might use that Virgo discrimination to be more choosy about with whom you share your time. Your emotions will be in tune with your thoughts, you’ll feel better when you can express the things you see.

The blending of these energies is very nuanced. Venus is in fall, or in her weakened state, in Virgo. Venus is receptive, Virgo is productive. Virgo’s exactness is foreign to Venus, the specificity of the energy isn’t as soft and dreamy as she is accustomed. During this month we might be really aware of tiny flaws, our eye might be distracted from the overall beauty by little things that we can’t overlook. This very morning, for instance, my awesome brother went to get me some coffee. When he came back, my first response wasn’t to thank him for his kind, loving service (also Venus in Virgo). My first reaction was to ask why it wasn’t all the way full, it seemed light. I went right for the little problem. We might have our eye on the imperfections while Venus’ aesthetic moves through the detailed sign of Virgo.

This transit also gives very high expectations about love and romance. If someone had this position in their birth chart, they might be extremely critical of partners, as Venus also shows how we interact with others. So this time might show us a lot of flaws, what are you going to focus that laser-beam-hawkeye vision on? The loving act of service or the slight flaw? During this time, the predilection is to express the latter. Now that you know, maybe you can focus on all the many good things, right?

At the end of the month, August 28, Venus joins Mercury and Jupiter at 27-28° Virgo. These three planets get along famously. Jupiter is the great benefic and Venus the lesser, he expands and gives luck and says YAAAAS, while she softens and nurtures and brings in what she needs. This expansion and attraction join forces with the intellect and expression to really blow up our work and wallets, blessing good health and harmony if we take advantage. It might be a really passive kind of energy that doesn’t do anything if we don’t activate it. There will be lots of talking, around work and the health of the body. Listen and say your peace, you’ll have researched your position ahead of time, anyway. This time will happen right after Mars passes over Saturn around the 23rd, so I think it will be a nice breath of fresh air from that madness.

So! Good, productive time if we can handle working with the details.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!





My same Ephemeris that I usually use;

And lots of my own rambling.

ALSO!  I painted the visual for this post on the Buddha Board at the Golden Braid in SLC. You can pick one up here, at, or on their website: I’M OBSESSED.

New Moon in Gemini

Hi there,

The new moon in Gemini happens this Saturday the 4th at 8:59 pm Mountain Standard Time. I may or may not have said Sunday in the video, so…my bad.

Decided to do a lil video update since this new moon is in Gemini.

Don’t think I got to it in the video, but also interesting rn is Mars Retrograde, currently in Scorpio. Retrogrades make energy closer, more inward because the planet itself is actually closer. Lots of internalized energy in terms of will and passion. This had been in Scorpio for awhile, was in free Sag for a bit but now we’re back. More skeletons in the dark Scorpio closet, maybe more things to let go of from the past. Issues in expressing will in close, bonded relationships; maybe this internalized Mars energy has you or your close partners acting in different ways? Dunno but in general, lots of scheming, especially in this chatty Gemini weather. All under a grand cross as well, so there are a lot of things coming to a boil right now. Keep an eye out.

I referenced ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ASTROLOGY by Nicholas Devore, THE NEW AMERICAN EPHEMERIS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY by Rique Pottenger based on Michelsen, and THE ONLY ASTROLOGY BOOK YOU’LL EVER NEED by Joanna Martine Woolfolk.

Check out this video: New Moon in Gemini and a Grand Cross

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New Moon in Virgo and Partial Solar Eclipse

Hey everyone!

Big things happening this weekend with the New Moon in Virgo, as well as a partial Solar Eclipse.  This takes place at 12.41am on Sunday, Mountain Standard Time.  I made a video describing these energies, and how they flow from last month here:

Other details pertinent to this transit include the opposition to Chiron at 19° Pisces, which will activate an opportunity for healing.  Chiron is an asteroid/planetoid between Jupiter and Saturn, symbolizing the bridge between past and present, between the waking world and the underworld.  He’s the wounded healer, representing where we have been hurt or where we are incomplete, and conversely, where we can heal others and in doing so, become whole.  In Pisces, this has to do with our subconscious.  The deepest parts of our minds, our connection to the other side, the spiritual energies of the universe, the place where we wash away and become one with creation, is highlighted during this New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse.  We have the opportunity to heal these hurts in our souls, or we run the risk of becoming paralyzed by them and allowing them to take over.  Oppositions are a fine-tuned balance or a tug of war.  Will you hold on to past hurts, or will you become empowered by them?  With Saturn at the last degree of Scorpio (shared values, regeneration, cycles), I would encourage all of us to let go and release these hurts.  This will create the balance we need to integrate Chiron’s healing energy into this new phase of our lives.  Because this Solar Eclipse is opening a portal to new world of our own devising, don’t limit your power during this time. What you feel can be made manifest.

While we have this healing going on, we will need to be aware of Uranus over there at 19° Aries.  This creates what’s called a quincunx, an aspect of 150 degrees to the New Moon.  This is at best…unpredictable.  With Uranus’ M.O. of breaking out and rebelling against the status quo, electrically charging whatever he touches, this New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse can have explosive results.  This could mean you are encountering new ideas or situations that you have no basis of experience with, it could challenge your ideas about who you are.  It’s possible that in delving into the psyche of Chiron/Pisces, you find things that don’t fit with how you now see the world or even yourself. That’s OK! The only constant is change.  And this can quite possibly be a violent change.  Aries is warlike, almost childishly, innocently selfish and with Uranus there supercharging our self-interest, we could be seeing major, jolting changes in the areas of our lives where these things land in our chart.  Chiron/Pisces blends into the next sign of Uranus/Aries, so while these changes might seem incongruent or unexpected, the New Moon/Eclipse/Virgo energies will help actualize and physicalize and realize – in the waking world – the birth of the new energies within you.

Go for it!  Blow stuff up!  Leave it behind you!

A new world is waiting for you.



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