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Mercury Retrograde in Libra!

Hey y’all,

Our fave starts this weekend, when you wake up on Sunday it will have arrived. She’ll last until October 18, are you ready?

Also get ready to support the IATSE strike. If we didn’t buy Oreos when Nabisco workers were striking, we don’t watch shows IATSE crews worked on (all of them) til they get their demands met. Are you ready to give up a little comfort to help the People? If you aren’t, you’re a punk bitch.



North Node in Gemini 5/20-1/22

Hi freaks,

The north node in Gemini falls on the following dates:

• 5/4/20 – 1/18/22 (covid/delta)

• 10/12/01 – 4/13/03 (war on terror)

• 3/15/83 – 9/11/84 (aids epidemic / reaganomics)

• 8/25/64 – 2/19/66 (wake of jfk assassination – end of ‘Camelot’)

• 12/2/45 – 8/2/47 (wake of ww2)

• 4/16/27 – 12/28/28 (market overspeculation leads to crash)

• 9/26/08 – 3/23/10 (notably, polio isolated)

So it seems to me that these periods of misinformation follow the North Node in Cancer (American crisis followed by large economic downturn). Periods of intense public discourse and either lies or cover ups, etc.

Welcome to the stage…Miss Information!!!



Full Moon in Pisces 9/20/21


     Tonight’s full moon is Pisces is at 5.55pm MDT. It falls at 28° and kicks off the latter half of the New Moon in Virgo cycle which began Sep. 6 (I think I said the 8th in the video).

Part of the learning to go with the flow is Mercury Retrograde in Libra beginning on Sep. 26 before the New Moon in Libra on the 6th of Nov. Relationship strain! And on the macro level, lots of troubling legislation on the horizon.

Here’s the video:



Jul 3, 2021 Tarot Quickie


You know where you need to go today, somehow. Don’t go where there ain’t flow. Lol poet



June 30, 2021 Two Days In A Row! Tarot Reading

Hey hey hey,

Feeling freaky, let’s do two days in a row. Happy Pride!



Jun 29, 2021 Tarot Reading

yes, that’s happening by Juno Birch



Mercury Retrograde in Gemini plus Eclipses!


Here’s the video, where the thing I forgot to say was with air sign Gemini Mercury Retro my prediction is covid numbers go up – we were just kidding about the masks, right…? Unless you’re gonna do it…(hope I’m wrong).

Here’s the dates for this Mercury Retrograde:

•5/15-Shadow Zone at 16° ♊ / 1st pass

•5/29-Retrograde at 24° ♊ (4.35p MDT)

•6/22-Direct at 16° ♊ (4.22p MDT) / 2nd

•7\7-Exit Shadow Zone at 24° ♊ / 3rd


•6/10-New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 19° ♊

This summer of revaluation will be following us around for awhile so stay right:)



Eclipse Season!

Here’s some thoughts about thoughts, metaphysics, philosophy, and timelines. Good luck lol

Here’s the dates and times if these are relevant to your own timeline.

•Full Moon in Sag/Total Lunar Eclipse 5/26
•New Moon in Gem/Nontotal Solar Eclipse lol 6/10
•Eclipse Season happens twice a year and slowly rotates with the nodes
•The North Node is where the moon crosses earth in front, South Node where it crosses in the back, and they rotate with the eclipses
•All this Gemini energy with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini coming! lol get your mind right and get ready for the gaslighting



Great Conjunction 12/21/20

Or, why it’s not the Age of Aquarius

OR, I figured I could deliver a hot take at any time over the next 20 years and probably be fine. Lol

Watch this video where we read books from 1947!

Here’s the dates I looked up:



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