Astro Post: Woke up real early this morning! It’s about 5.30am at the time of writing this, woke up really energized. Lately my dreams have been really vivid, maybe because of the waning energy of the Pisces full moon. I’m just glad I’m not waking up feeling like I got hit by a train anymore.

Anyway! Today the moon moves into Gemini, and the T-square that will be hanging around for awhile is briefly a Grand Cross, or a Grand Square, which you can see in the chart of the moment. That dreamy Neptune/Pisces and the practical Sun/Virgo are BOTH going to feel the strain as the Moon (emotions, intuition, inner world) goes into the sign of communication and localized experience. We might be seeing more of our neighborhood or workplace today, moving around a lot and talking to a myriad of people.

As I’m writing this, though, the moon is EXACTLY opposite Saturn/Scorpio. An opposition is either a perfect balance or a tug of war. Are our feelings at odds with our trials in life, or are we able to bridge the connection? Are we able to merge our minds with our intimate relationships at the moment?

As the Moon moves through Gemini today (and tomorrow, mostly today because it’s those early degrees of Gemini), notice if there are tensions that erupt into words. How are we using our words? Are we using them like tools, building our relationships or is it time to use them like weapons to tear some ish down? The Moon’s transit through here will create drama in your everyday environments because of the Grand Cross. This is an opportunity to TAKE ACTION. The ‘negative’ or ‘analytical’ aspects of squares and oppositions (red lines) light a fire under us to actually do something.

So take notice if it seems like people are actively trying to piss you off today. Most likely they aren’t, they’re just dealing with how to use their words, too.


Today's grand cross - how are we using the tension in our lives to manifest our will?
Today’s grand cross – how are we using the tension in our lives to manifest our will?