Venus Stations Direct! Mercury opposite Uranus, creating another T-square for a while.
Venus Stations Direct! Mercury opposite Uranus, creating another T-square for a while.

Astro Post: Venus has now stationed direct, she’s no longer retrograde. Great! What does that mean? It means that she is reborn! We’ve been able to see her in the morning sky already, but now all of that deep, inward soul-searching that we’ve had going on over the last few weeks, especially when it comes to love and values and relating, will start to become expressed in the real world. If you read my last post on Venus, I’ve been personally taking another look at my work and what really makes me happy, what is really getting my creative juices flowing. Well, now we enter what’s called the shadow zone. This is the area from where she’s at now, at 14° Leo thru where she started backing up at 0° Virgo. Anything in this part of your chart (for me, Mars and the Sun) will be visited by Venus AGAIN, for the third time this summer. Any planets you have along this path will once again be blessed with grace and charm and a feeling of beauty, this time with a hint of youthful inpetuousness, since she is the reborn warrior maiden. This allows us to explore this new energy we’ve gone through the underworld to find. We’re going back over what we backed up over! Where the retrograde energy is intense and internalized, now we can manifest it into the waking world. What changes have we made in regards to our values (Venus), in the deepest corners of our hearts (in the sign of Leo)?
Venus and Mars will also be making another conjunction, once again coming together (ha), the feminine and masculine energies within us joining in the waking world. Their unions, again, taking place in the sign of noble feelings, the sign of the heart. If we’ve been out of touch with our creative energies, how can we use this time to better integrate the male and female within us? And yes, guys, we do have have that feminine side to us. And yes, ladies, there is that masculine part of you as well. We’re in the sign of Virgo at the moment, considered the sign of the soul meeting the body, now we can use our HEARTS to blend these new energetic impulses within ourselves.
These energies are still trine Uranus in Aries, so embracing your own individualistic power is key. Even breaking out of set ideas you have for yourself, allowing yourself to break out of WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE is a part of this Venus rebirth. Rebel against any outside influence trying to let you know how or who to be, the energies at this time won’t allow for it. The Awakener Uranus still casts his electricity into our sense of SELF.

Mercury in the sign of Libra is directly opposite Uranus at the moment. So where we are having this awakening within ourselves, our minds and communication are in the sign of other people. We are having to balance the scales every time we speak, weighing everything out to make sure it’s fair and balanced and just. This could cause some friction, if other people are not as permissive of your awakenings as they are of their own. We might be different than we’ve ever been, and other folks might not know how to handle it. Luckily Mars and Venus are both sextile Mercury, which means we’ll have an easier time if we stop trying to be so logical and SPEAK FROM THE HEART. If we try to get too in our heads or try to aggressively assert this new individuality we feel, we might muddy up the message, but when we come from the heart center right now, others are likely to feel it in their hearts.
The opposition of Mercury and Uranus also creates another T-Square with Pluto, the sign of collective consciousness, mass movements, power struggles and deep transformation. These aspects are calling to attention the need for change! We may have been feeling unduly suppressed by people in our lives, and the energy now is asking us to look at that, to balance our new selves with how we communicate with the world and to TRANSFORM accordingly.

The nice thing about Pluto here, because he can be quite daunting, is he’s offering relief to the long standing T-Square of Jupiter/Virgo (physical reality, expanding the details) opposite Neptune/Pisces (dissolving the boundaries in the spiritual realm), both square Saturn/Scorpio (karmic tests of deep bonding, grounding of shared values, restriction in the underworld).
He’s trine the Sun and Jupiter, giving an easy exchange to the work that we need to do in the physical world. At the moment we feel like we can transform the world around us to our will, especially when it comes to work and how we are carrying ourselves in the public sphere. Take advantage of this, it seems easy until we move on into Libra.
He’s also sextile Neptune, which means we’ve already been reaping the benefits of our spiritual transformation. The deep soul-searching of Saturn in Scorpio has already put in motion the changes we need to make the most of this.

The next couple of days, the moon will be moving through her domicile in the sign of Cancer. While she was in Taurus, I said what makes you feel grounded, what do you value? While she was in Gemini, I said how are we relating, how are we expressing our feelings?
As she moves through her home base, I encourage us all to trust our gut reactions. Trust the feelings that come bubbling up from under the surface, even if they don’t make practical Virgo sense. She’s going to be making trines with the other water signs, which means we’ll have deeper access to our intuition (Moon in Cancer), spirituality (Neptune in Pisces) and healing (Chiron), as well as a gut-level knowing of how to handle the last stages, the master degree of Saturn 29° Scorpio. Any feelings, any intutions you have over the next couple of days will not lead you astray.
Even if other folk tell you otherwise.