oHey everyone,

It’s that time again! The full moon in Pisces happened at 12.03am MST on September 6, which means that it happened late the 5th on the west coast in the USA. This full moon is the culmination of the new moon in Leo that was also the Great American Total Eclipse that went down August 21. That means there’s a lot of mojo in the mix!

Full moons are the time to take action, when all the new moon seeds have been planted and are coming to fruition. The conscious Sun has our subconscious Moon lit af, fam. We are energized at this time at this time in particular because the sign of Pisces represents the subconscious, spiritual receptivity, and giving yourself up to dissolve back into the sea, into the eternal flow. Pisces people tend to take in a million different things at once, rather than zeroing in mentally like fellow water sign Scorpio, or feeling hit right in the Cancer-ruled stomach. They absorb everything around them, and sometimes have a hard time knowing if what they have absorbed from others is real or imagined. Pisceans are naturally incredibly receptive to even the slightest impressions, even other’s unconscious thoughts. They also might be getting impressions from the other side. And that’s the power of this moon: it brings what’s behind the curtain into full view.

Even though the most recent Mercury Retrograde has ended, many of the figures remain in the chart:

astro_w2gw.84927.36306[1]There are fires burning near my house and across America, and there is still the grand fire trine. So that’s coincidental. This particular trine has to do with Aries Uranus, Leo North Node/Mercury and Virgo Mars, and Sagittarius Saturn. There is a harmonious flow of energy between the self which evolves and resists definition (Aries Uranus), your fulfilling, creative learning and expression (Leo North Node and Mercury and Virgo Mars), as well as the test and trials in your higher learning and philosophical development (Saturn in Sagittarius).

The kite is also in full effect with Libra Jupiter sextiling the Leo and Sagittarius placements. The blooming of these energies is activated through the Other. This is your spouse, your friend, your business partner-your personal relationships. The last year has been a balancing act with the people in your life (more than at other times and not as a generic statement. More was required of you or for you than other years…things had to even out). Perhaps you had been off-balance before, and this year decided to even things out. Maybe you were totally square before, and found yourself suddenly off-kilter. Jupiter’s expansion meant that it became a different game keeping things together. A big way that I’m seeing this in action is watching people respond to the natural disasters going on right now-whether through volunteering, donating money and supplies, or spreading awareness of ways to help.

This is an intense full moon because the moon is conjunct or in the same place as Neptune in the sky. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, and its placement in our chart shows us where we are deeply connected to Spirit and possibly where we have been deluding ourselves. Like Pisces letting go and disseminating back into the universe, Neptune’s action is to dissolve the boundaries. It is considered a higher octave of Venus, and rules over cameras, the arts or muses, and illusion. Mixed with the feeling magnitude of the full moon, this combination will bring things up from underneath and shine a spotlight on them. And because it is in Pisces with the power of its ruler Neptune, we must carefully analyze what comes up now. It might be an illusion we see now, pulling us further and further out to sea. We need to make sure what comes up from this subconscious expedition is real if we are going to act on it.

Pluto sextiling the full moon will also help us to make any lasting changes that need to be made at this time. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and represents endings. Superpowered by its ruling planet Neptune, this full moon is inviting us to close the doors on any that may have been left ajar. This is a time to take action and finish the things that need to be completed. You shouldn’t wait-do the things now and then lay low on the next new moon in Virgo on September 19/20 (depending on where you live). As the moon wanes, we should follow and complete any intentions before the next joining of the Moon and Sun.



P.S. Used my Buddha Board and ephemeris to look at this stuff, as well as a reference or two to SEXTROLOGY by Starksy & Cox.