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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn 1/14-2/3/22

My dearest AstroHoes (I’m playing with the name ok),

It is my deepest regret to inform you that the dreaded time has returned, as it often does. Yup, it’s ’bout to be Mercury Retrograde again. And you thought last spring’s one in Gemini and last fall’s one in Libra (yikes!) were crazy?? Well get into the rounding out of the air signs as we move backward from Aquarius into Capricorn during the next couple of weeks!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the dates:

  • Mercury enters retrograde shadow zone at 24 Cap on 12/29/21 – PHASE I
  • Mercury stations retrograde at 10 Aqu on 1/14/22 (4.41am MST) – PHASE II
  • Mercury retrogrades into Cap on 1/25/22 (8.05pm MST)
  • Mercury stations direct at 24 Cap on 2/3/22 (9.13pm MST) – PHASE III
  • Mercury enters Aqu again on 2/14/22 (2.54pm MST)
  • Mercury exits shadow zone at 10 Aqu on 2/24/22

So real quick again, a retrograde is a time where the earth’s orbit gets inside of another planet’s orbit and it appears to move backward through the night sky. It happens about three or four times a year with Mercury because it’s moving faster inside its closer orbit.

The common advice during Mercury Retrograde is that communication will come to a halt, not to sign contracts, etc. Because it’s the planet of intellect and expression, it broadly points to a time where you will be changing your mind and coming to different conclusions. Signals and wires are said to be crossed during this time, so being careful to cross your t’s and dot your i’s is paramount.

In the sign of Aquarius, Mercury is in top form, and it needs to be because it affects everyone. Aquarius is group dynamics, not only where you belong and identify, but as an individual what you bring to the table. People might be feeling out of sorts when it comes to group dynamics, feeling like they don’t belong. The thing is though, this time is to specifically reevaluate whether or not you feel like you want to be sitting at the table to begin with. Not just do they want me, but do I really want them? -type vibes. Are the people I’m surrounding myself with supporting my goals and dreams? Visions of the future are Aquarius af, who’s with you in your vision?

Then as Mercury backs up into Capricorn, the mood changes from hopes and dreams and friends and whatnot to a what am I doing with my life? -type vibe. It gets a lot more practical. Not just the yearning for formless dreams, but the planning on how to specifically achieve them. We’re also moving from an air north node to an earth north node during this time, which will be a little preview of the year ahead. Brainstorming time is coming to a close, as Mercury digs up old business in Cap, it’s go time.

The Retrograde over the Conjunction and America’s Pluto Return are some pretty big omens for the year ahead and thru 2024. The Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn represents the ability of the masses to bring future vision into the physical realm, which is now Aquarius – or people power – in a way it’s never been before. This is making some prematurely say it’s the Age of Aquarius, but it’s not yet. We’re literally waking up to what it’s gonna take, and in true Aquarius fashion, it’s gonna take all of us. We’re all going to have to start doing things differently. Something I’m thinking of right before I post this is how they’re gonna try to keep fuckin selling us normal lol, getting back to something. Stop doing normal, stop trying to go back. Do different, do now. This time will bring this to awareness.

Venus Retrograde ALSO in Capricorn is coming to a close at the end of the month, and just a few days after, Mercury will go direct. My prediction is this little bubble of breathing room during the last couple weeks during the holiday season are coming to a close and shit’s about to speed up real quick.

Also Mercury Retrograde happening over the Great Conjunction and America’s Pluto Return is going to facilitate some crazy happenings in the US. The Republican tax reform of a couple years ago is solidifying more and more, and as we head into tax season I think people are going to be pissed. There are also some huge Supreme Court rulings coming out over the next couple weeks, I’m not expecting to be pleased about it? Lol

Check out this video for more juice lol:



Full Moon In Taurus 11/19 and Eclipses!


The Full Moon In Taurus is exact at 1.57am MST, with a 2.03am exact Partial Lunar Eclipse, at 27 Taurus. This is the height of activity for intentions set at the New Moon In Scorpio on 11/4, and winding down at the next New Moon In Sagittarius on 12/4.

Taurus is the sign of value and possessions. Self-esteem, how we value ourselves. And also as the first earth sign, it signifies what we do. What actions we take and what we create. Taurus’ fertile earth energy brings blossoms and Venus-ruled grace where it lands in the birth chart.

During this lunation we will be conscious of worth. Have the changes we’ve been making add value to what we’re trying to do? I think also as a part of the Scorpio New Moon cycle, this time will make us think about what we ourselves are bringing to the table. What is OUR worth? Are we fulfilling that and bringing it to the table?

I think this time will also highlight the various strikes and wage situations going on right now. Am I being paid what I’m worth?

This full moon will also be the first eclipse in Taurus and Scorpio that will last through Summer 2023. They have been along Gemini and Sagittarius since the beginning of 2020, but now the north node is shifting and will be from Gemini into Taurus on 1/18/22. That means that the energy we’re carrying through this Full Moon In Taurus cycle will reverberate through the next six months to a year.

What do you want to build that wasn’t there before? You couldn’t build this new thing if that old structure was still standing.



Uranus in Taurus 5/15/18-4/25/26

Howdy ho,

So here’s my first attempt at a long-range horoscope with the shift of Uranus into Taurus in May. It’s been in the sign of Aries since March of 2011, and my quick wrap-up of that time period is a revolution (Uranus) in how we identify (Aries). Our identity as individuals has come under close scrutiny during these twenty-teens. I think the revolution of social media has caused everyone to create an identity for themselves, in a way the world has never seen before. This is who I am, this is how I prefer to be addressed, and I won’t try to fit into any preconceived boxes that have been determined for me. I might sum up the last Uranus cycle as the phrase: “You don’t know me.”

I like the description of Uranus as the “Awakener.” It breaks the rules, breaks down old systems and outdated ways of thinking with an eye on the future. It is the modern ruler of the sign Aquarius, which relates to the concept of genetic variance: we need outside genes in this pool. We need to mix it up. The prior two signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn represent the ideas of Jupiter/expansion/freedom and Saturn/contraction/limits, respectively. Aquarius and its ruler Uranus operate outside the terms set by both. They defy convention. Whatever planet touches or has aspect to Uranus is ‘electrified,’ and will use unorthodox means to their ends. Because of its association with Aquarius, Uranus speaks to the People. As it spends many years in a sign, it’s called a ‘generational planet,’ as its effect is echoed in all of the people born during that time.

The sign of Taurus is much more self-centered. It’s associated with the 2nd House, which is where we value things. Everything. From our self-esteem to our hourly rate, Taurus’ motto is “I have.” It’s the first fixed-sign, a powerhouse where we store energy in our chart. As an earth-element, Taurus is grounded and practical. Their physical sensuality is how they experience the world. Taurus is the first place where our intentions (from previous sign Aries) become actions. It’s what we create, what we do. Without regard for others or its usefulness to them, or over-analyzing the process. Along with Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus has to do with money and work.

So a quick analysis of the next 8 years is that the way we value things is going to change. A few examples of this might be the cryptocurrency that’s been developed in the last few years-it might go to a whole other level and show us a new way to value currency. Another global shift to be aware of is how countries are changing monies-the next year or two might shake up those trends quite a bit. As Taurus has to do with personal values, I predict more policy shifts regarding minimum wage. “My value cannot be defined, there are no limits” is a phrase that might sum up this time. Something my bleeding heart would love to see is something like a universal minimum income-but that would be quite the shakeup, wouldn’t it? People’s head would explode or fall off, especially here in whatever is left of the US. (LOLz) Universal Health Care might come to the forefront, which would also be awesome.

I wrote out a bunch of nonsense, but here are some dates and why to keep them on the back burner:

-Summer 2018 and Summer 2019 will the the start of the shifts. It will seem like we are breaking personal ground, and that we are all making positive changes collectively. There will be a lot of change-but it will seem to move forward. The focus during this time is HARD WORK-if you do yours, it will pay off. {Llewllyn’s suggests a slowing of market trends?}

-December 2019-December 2020 will have Jupiter in Capricorn, a favorable aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This will be a big year of breakthroughs and innovations. This will seem like a prodigiously productive time, but it will come through unexpected means. This will be a good time to make moves, position yourself for what’s next.

-Saturn and Jupiter will BOTH be in Aquarius in January and February of 2020, almost exactly square Uranus in Taurus. This means that this kicks off a real rough time, interestingly right after the next inauguration here in the States. My notes that I prepped while reading my ephemeris say: “Very tense, added volatility with Jupiter conjunct. Collective v. Self-Our lessons are grounded in social Aquarius, but our Self is in Revolt. Hard to make moves/impossible to predict/constant building up and consequent smashing of barriers.”

-Then from 5-12/2022, Capricorn Pluto will trine Uranus in Taurus. This is where a lot of the changes that have been building up over the past few years will finally move their tectonic plates. I wrote: “BIG MOVES/SHAKEUPS. Conflicts/resolutions. Harmonizing changes to personal value and society at large.”

Last time Uranus went into Taurus in 1934, we were in between two world wars. Let’s hope and pray we’ve learned our lessons since then. And better yet-let’s get out there and demonstrate that we have. Let’s make sure we know that we are invaluable as individuals and take that mentality to the collective and start taking care of each other like the priceless gems we are. Don’t let anyone else define your worth, demand better. Be more valuable than money. You are worth it.

So I hope this quick chunk makes any kind of sense. Long story short: Pay me more. Respect my body and the values it espouses. Also get ready for big changes that start on the inside.

Let’s do this.




New Moon in Taurus

The new moon this evening occurs at 16° Taurus. New moons are a time to plant seeds that will grow into the full moon and pass my the next new moon. These cycles are said to be a time when the light of consciousness (sun) shines over the dark of our subconscious (moon), so we are more primal and less aware at this time. It’s important to channel your intentions in a way that is constructive, rather than excessively or destructively compulsive. New moons are also good times for gauging what is working and what isn’t from the last moon cycle. 

With the new moon in Taurus the focus is on creating and relishing in your personal value, developing the senses, and finding solidity within yourself.  

Taurus is related to the 2nd House of Values. This isn’t in relation to anyone else, this is only within yourself. It’s what you value and how you value it. This is what’s ‘mine.’ My money, my self-esteem (how much I value myself), my food, my drinks, my stuff, my my my, etc. This isn’t to say that Taurus folks aren’t generous, they just know what’s theirs, y’know? The new moon here gives new impulses to how you value what is yours. 

Taurus folks are very sensual, being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and aesthetics. If you have a lot of Taurus in your chart, you might be a foodie or wine connoisseur, you might be into your fashion, the point is you really love your senses and you always want them to be stimulated in a way that is comfortable and usually stylish. A new moon here can stimulate the senses, giving new appreciation for old things or deeper appreciation of how your body can make you feel. 

Taurus is the sign of the Bull, and its natives are known for being immovable objects. They might not be aggressive, but when provoked they might gore you through and stomp you to death. This is extreme. Their Venutian qualities tend to prevent such circumstances, but I’d they have made up their mind to something or not, that thing will or will not happen regardless of anyone’s outside input. A new moon in Taurus suggests developing the will. It’s the first earth sign, and first fixed sign, so it’s the solid ground within yourself on which you stand.

Something else about this new moon is that Mercury Retrograde will be passing over the same point, 16° Taurus, around May 14 and 15. If you made a decision now, it might come under review, possibly scrutiny, in about a week or two, and then again right around the end of the month on the 30th and 31st. This will be expressed through Mercury, so thru communication and intellect rather than a more emotional or spiritual channel. You will be learning a lot as Mercury passes over your new moon intentions; about your self-esteem, how you value money and collect it, how your body feels and supports you and vice versa. Get into your senses and trust the ground on which you’re standing. If you can do that, this Mercury Rx over this new moon will be a great time to find out why and make constructive changes.

Hope you have a great new moon, thanks for following my stuff! 



P.S. I used this image from Astrologer Bill Attride. Thanks!

Mercury Retrograde: April 28-May 21

Using my trusty ephemeris, Mercury Retrograde started on April 28 and goes until May 21. The god/symbol of communication appears to go backward in the sky, relative to earth’s orbit. This happens a couple of times each year, and this time it goes back from 23° Taurus to 14° Taurus.

What does that mean? It means the first time Mercury hit 14° Taurus was about April 15. At that point we entered the “shadow zone,” the area that is passed, reversed over and passed again. Three times Mercury goes over the same space! Wherever those degrees of Taurus land in our chart will be evaluated and reevaluated, those degrees get the third degree, you know what I’m saying?

They say that during Mercury Retrograde you shouldn’t sign contracts or make serious life decisions. But there’s almost a month of it this time, you can’t just sit around and do nothing til May. We’re just processing information in a different way. It might seem like there are breakdowns regarding anything to do with communication: actual conversations, emails, texts, etc. People have a harder time understanding others and being understood. Mercury rules communication, rational thinking and information processing, how we think basically and how we express our thoughts. When it backs up and goes over the same area like this, our thoughts collect themselves differently.

There are a lot of different interpretations of this. In ancient times it was considered a bad omen, no transactions would occur if the gods did not agree. In a more contemporary sense, it is a frustrating time because the messages aren’t getting through. Because retrogrades happen when the planets are closer to the earth, some say that the energy is internalized rather than outwardly expressed, the planet goes to the ‘underworld.’ This might account for communication breakdown during Mercury Rx because what normally goes out to other people goes instead to the inner life. We aren’t thinking the same way.

In the sign of Taurus, all I can think with this Rx is “got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign and is associated with value: worth, esteem (especially self), your coins, etc. Taurus wants pleasant surroundings to enjoy all the senses, very much in the body. It’s the first fixed as well as earth sign, this makes Taurus generally calm but immovable. So with Mercury flying around in our zone of things that are ‘mine,’ we might have some communications that might not go anywhere. Everyone is reevaluating their self-worth, self-esteem, how those coins are piling up (or not). This makes everyone defensive of what is ‘mine.’ Mercury is going over everything with a fine-toothed comb, and we might bristle as our sense of self worth seems challenged. You also might be thinking about the way you collect money, is it working for you, are you getting paid your value?

The reason they say not to make life decisions during Mercury Rx is because generally when it’s over and we’re back through the shadow zone, you’ll feel more like yourself again. These times of intense scrutiny, especially right now over what we hold to be dear, to be part of us, can be very trying. My thing over the last couple of days when I feel there are hiccups in communication is to kinda shrug it off, jokingly say, “It’s Mercury Retrograde,” and move on. If I can see the conflict, I’m not going to escalate it in any way. Of course, if there’s some major stuff you need to change or confront, you gotta do it. It’s never more important to be perfectly clear than in these times when people are likely to misunderstand. Don’t use your communication to fight, but fight to communicate.

Mercury will go forward, or direct, again on May 22. This will be the last pass, so hopefully everything got settled during your retro. We’ll pass 23° Taurus again on June 8, and at that point our ccommunication, especially in relation to our self-value, will move into new territory.

Thanks for reading my stuff, even when I post about Mercury Rx as it’s already happening.

Astro Post – Grand Earth Trine

Astro Post: Today’s movement of the moon through Taurus puts our mind on our money and our money on our mind! I know I’ve taken deliberate steps to make sure my bank roll is on point. We’re still dealing with the T-square I described the other day, the key still being digging deep into our personal relationships to unearth clues that may be buried. But! With the Sun in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Moon in Taurus, we have a brilliant chance to take practical, earthy and physical action toward changing the world around us with our intentions.

Even if it’s not cash dollars you’re worried about, today’s energy will help you get grounded in those things you value. Maybe you’ll make an improvement in your home, or spend some time actually digging in the dirt like my boyfriend did. Maybe you’ll get centered in your body through yoga or some other healthy practice. Maybe you’ll take it easy and enjoy some amazing meals (like I just did:).

The point is to enjoy the things that YOU value, focusing on YOUR worth. That will help us as we move through this T-square.


Today's chart. T-square still in effect, aided by the grand earth trine with the Moon moving through Taurus
Today’s chart. T-square still in effect, aided by the grand earth trine with the Moon moving through Taurus

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