The new moon this evening occurs at 16° Taurus. New moons are a time to plant seeds that will grow into the full moon and pass my the next new moon. These cycles are said to be a time when the light of consciousness (sun) shines over the dark of our subconscious (moon), so we are more primal and less aware at this time. It’s important to channel your intentions in a way that is constructive, rather than excessively or destructively compulsive. New moons are also good times for gauging what is working and what isn’t from the last moon cycle. 

With the new moon in Taurus the focus is on creating and relishing in your personal value, developing the senses, and finding solidity within yourself.  

Taurus is related to the 2nd House of Values. This isn’t in relation to anyone else, this is only within yourself. It’s what you value and how you value it. This is what’s ‘mine.’ My money, my self-esteem (how much I value myself), my food, my drinks, my stuff, my my my, etc. This isn’t to say that Taurus folks aren’t generous, they just know what’s theirs, y’know? The new moon here gives new impulses to how you value what is yours. 

Taurus folks are very sensual, being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and aesthetics. If you have a lot of Taurus in your chart, you might be a foodie or wine connoisseur, you might be into your fashion, the point is you really love your senses and you always want them to be stimulated in a way that is comfortable and usually stylish. A new moon here can stimulate the senses, giving new appreciation for old things or deeper appreciation of how your body can make you feel. 

Taurus is the sign of the Bull, and its natives are known for being immovable objects. They might not be aggressive, but when provoked they might gore you through and stomp you to death. This is extreme. Their Venutian qualities tend to prevent such circumstances, but I’d they have made up their mind to something or not, that thing will or will not happen regardless of anyone’s outside input. A new moon in Taurus suggests developing the will. It’s the first earth sign, and first fixed sign, so it’s the solid ground within yourself on which you stand.

Something else about this new moon is that Mercury Retrograde will be passing over the same point, 16° Taurus, around May 14 and 15. If you made a decision now, it might come under review, possibly scrutiny, in about a week or two, and then again right around the end of the month on the 30th and 31st. This will be expressed through Mercury, so thru communication and intellect rather than a more emotional or spiritual channel. You will be learning a lot as Mercury passes over your new moon intentions; about your self-esteem, how you value money and collect it, how your body feels and supports you and vice versa. Get into your senses and trust the ground on which you’re standing. If you can do that, this Mercury Rx over this new moon will be a great time to find out why and make constructive changes.

Hope you have a great new moon, thanks for following my stuff! 



P.S. I used this image from Astrologer Bill Attride. Thanks!