The full moon is currently exact at 1° Sagittarius. Full moons happen when the sun and moon are in opposite places in the sky. The sun just entered Gemini yesterday, and the moon got round to Sag today.

As opposed to a new moon where plans get made, full moons are the time to take action. The full moon should be the time we enact the intentions we made during the new moon, and wind down those actions to a close to prep for the next new moon. This is also the time when our primal, inner nature (moon) is illuminated by consciousness (sun). We’re more aware of our subconscious at these times, the shadow within us gets lit! That’s why full moons seen to make people act over the top-because they’re charged with the full energy of the sun.

The last new moon in Taurus (check out that post, too) should help us with self-esteem, willpower, and even our self-worth in terms of money. This Sag full moon is the zenith of this lunation. If we have our Taurus energy in tune, the path to this Sag life should be set before us. Sagittarius is the sign of higher truth. It’s opposite sign, Gemini, wants to talk it out and express their viewpoint by juxtaposing the ideas of those around them. Sag doesn’t take others into account so much. Sag wants to expand, travel, and understand the world according to a brighter, more ‘divine’ truth. Sag rules things like foreign places, higher education, philosophy, belief systems including religion, and there is also a strong medical bent. Sag wants to see the world and come to its own conclusions about it.

If you are standing on stable ground, like we’ve been working on during this Taurus new moon, then the path to your higher truth should be easier to tread. If your self-worth is intact, you won’t question these harder truths that get brought to light under the Sag full moon. There’s also a sense of secrets coming out of the dark moving from the previous sign of Scorpio into Sag. We dig things out and look at them under the light. We might be more enmeshed with others under a Scorpio influence, but this Sag full moon is about trusting your intuition and unentangling yourself from others. Freedom is a huge facet of Sagittarius energy, and under the bright power of the full moon, your wanderlust might be ignited, especially if you have a lot of Sag in your chart.

An aspect of this full moon that is quite interesting is that it is conjunct Mars. This means that the full moon becomes inextricably entwined with the energy if Mars, which is currently retrograde, backing up from Sag into its sovereign sign of Scorpio. Mars retrograde makes us reevaluate our will and how we fight, flee, or f#$!. We will be especially fiery during the next couple of weeks during the waning moon. If someone gets in our way, we might be inclined to take it personally and attack them with this Mars. However, if we can realize that our feelings/intuition/subconscious (moon) are linked with our aggression/passion/lust (Mars), these situations might not turn ablaze. Just remember that fire can keep us warm, but it can also scorch if we’re not careful. And we’ve got plenty of fire to spare for awhile.

Also, tomorrow is crazy because Mars will be directly opposite the Sun. This opposition brings the god of war very close to the earth, making his energy very immediate and urgent. The tension of the opposition can be very frustrating, like the outside world is conspiring against you. Don’t give up hope! Just remember that a opposition is a tug of war or a perfect balance-keep your consciousness in balance with your drive (even though the latter wants to take over), and you’ll be able to keep your wits about you.

So go out there and get it done! You are the one who knows what’s best for you right now. Now’s the time to do what you need, and not to check in with others for feedback. Your path to the higher plane is lit up, don’t get distracted by what seems to be setbacks or people opposing your will. Disengaging with others and engaging with yourself and what you know to be true is the ticket now. No one knows as well as you where it is you need to go.

Godspeed and Cheers,