Hey everybody,

I’ve made a video talking about ideas that might be tested and challenged as Saturn (Father Time, life lessons, karmic debt, trials and restrictions, boundaries, reality) goes through Sagittarius (higher learning and consciousness, foreign countries, travel, the world outside your comfort zone/neighborhood/area of influence).  The first thing you should know is that I’m obviously an ingenious political pundit, and the second is that I always know what’s going to happen because astrology. Or actually, I’m just looking at the symbols and their meanings and relating them to current events. My purpose here, much like the theme of the video, is not to pick a side but rather to talk about the ideas themselves. Check out the video here:

So I put this up a couple of days ago. I noticed that I fall into the trap of putting things into a negative connotation, which is easy to do because Saturn generally sucks. Wherever Saturn is in the chart, those areas are rife with conflict. So in talking about the ideas and belief systems that will be challenged by this transit, it seems like it could be an epidemic or a medical breakthrough, like I said. Where we learn Saturn’s lessons, we get great rewards. So likewise, if it seems like war (or rumors of war, ha), conversely we could also see a great shift forward in diplomacy. If we are questioning our sovereignty and leadership, maybe we become united under that banner. Everything exists on a spectrum, so how the Lord of Time challenges our higher thinking will be something to see.

Also falling into the trap of dichotomies, I mention ‘dark’ things happening within religious organizations. What I mean here is not ‘evil,’ what I mean here is ‘secret.’ The secrets that have been unearthed during Saturn in Scorpio are now coming out into the light. Again, light does not mean good. Dark does not mean evil. Sagittarius encourages us to find a new way of thinking. Look for a broader view, a higher vista, a path that can include multiple world views.

My assertion remains that we will have new perspectives on old ways of thinking. If we work through Saturn’s challenges, we will transcend the old narrative of us v. them, good v. evil, etc. This will be alarming for a lot of folks, because those kinds of ideas run rampant in our world. People that consciously try to think outside of that paradigm are weirdos, right? At the very least, incredibly pretentious. Well this is the kind of thinking we are now being asked to employ. The answers will not be as simple as they once were. We may find the good guys doing things for the very worst of reasons, and we might see that the bad guys have a compelling argument that we’ve never heard before. We need to be able to have minds that are open enough to be able to move some ideas around. If we hold on too tightly to our old worldviews, this time is likely to be very frustrating for us.

I think control of information will be a big thing. Who has access to what and when. We’re already seeing a consolidation of things like internet providers. Net neutrality was a thing we haven’t heard about in a minute, we might be looking at it during Saturn in Sag.

Now I just wanted to see if I could fit the word dichotomy in one more time. Oh, look, I did.

These next couple years Saturn will be tough-loving us through getting our beliefs and ideas about the world hella challenged.

Are you ready to change your mind?