Mercury slowing down over the last couple of days has really put me out of it. I’ve just been bumming around the house, and I’m not complaining, but I was getting a lot of stuff done before!

     Made a video yesterday about this Mercury rx, and since I was trying to be of the cuff while he was slowing down, I skipped Caps in there and had to go back. This is exactly the kind of stuff that will happen during a retrograde, especially Mercury, because our communication, our expression, our way of thinking and processing changes direction. Usually we live in the waking world, thinking from the inside out. We are here, living our lives in the world we share with everyone else, rational and logical and whatnot. But when those energies change direction, the energy goes outside in. We internalize it a lot more. With it being in the sign of Libra, we are internalizing what our relationships are bringing out in the area of our lives the rx falls. I talk about it (a lot) in this video:

     (Sorry Caps and Sag folk.)

     So while this energy is internal, we might feel very different than we do the rest of the time. This is why they say don’t sign new contracts, don’t travel, don’t leave the house, all that stuff. We are not thinking like we normally do! If you were born during a retrograde and enjoy these times when everyone else is falling apart, even you are now only thinking in a way that happens for a couple of weeks out of the year. Live it up!

     I think in general this will be a very verbose Mercury rx, from September 17-October 9. We will be constantly weighing the scales inside ourselves, and will probably need everyone in our lives to talk us through it. We might have some choice words of our own, and have half a mind to let anyone in our way to have all of them! But I think it will be less directly confrontational, that any particularly egregious shit-talking will be left for after the rx, when we are in the shadow zone (the area where Mercury backed up) from about October 9-23. We’ll be more concerned with our feelings and how the people in our lives are making us feel, and was it my fault and what were they thinking and why why why is everyone all up in my business?

Just knowing how real the struggle is – for everyone – might make this a little more manageable.

Good luck!