PERSONAL POST: My own journey through Venus retrograde the last couple of weeks has been rocky, to say the least. She’s been in my home base of Leo all summer, where I’ve got a stellium (3 or more planets in a sign, or a house, but in this case, the sign of Leo), including Mercury conjunct Mars (thoughts, intellect and communication fused with aggression, drives and sexual passion) and Sun (ego, consciousness, core energy).

Still with me?

When she started her retrograde and descent to the underworld, or through the southern hemisphere where we can’t see her, she shifted from the mellow, lovey western evening star to the warrior maiden eastern morning star (pictured here, though her beauty and light is not done justice). She was in my own intercepted (blocked, passed over) Virgo in the 6th. Retrogrades of any planet ask for a second look, a revaluation of those energies in the areas of life or houses where the retrograde falls. So my sense of Venus, my own worth and value and attraction, what I bring into me, was in my work and daily habits house. I began to experience a deep disquiet about how I was spending my time in my work, how non-valued I felt.

So I changed it. As she backed up into my 5th house of heart, creativity and passions, I decided to abandon the elements of my work that weren’t making me feel valued, weren’t adding to my happiness. I decided to follow my own heart.

The pressure Venus put on me is a large part of why I developed this website, and have decided to offer my services as an astrologer. Now she’s sitting right next to Mars in the sky (a powerfully sexy, sensual time, not without its own tensions), and right over my natal (birth) Mercury/Mars combo. So this is the perfect time for me to tell everyone about it! In fact, I feel almost driven to do so. See this long ass post? Ha!

How has Venus affected you? Please please share below!

If you aren’t sure where she falls in your chart, there are a number of places to find out – I like But I could also read your chart and we could discuss where this happens in your life!


Venus in the morning sky as Lucifer, the lightbringer
Venus in the morning sky as Lucifer, the lightbringer