Hi y’all,

For whatever reason it seems easier to make a quick goofy video than trying to do a perfect write up right now, but in the vein of this full moon it does make it more intimate. #iwokeuplikedis

The Full Moon in Cancer is the culmination of the New Moon in Sagittarius on 12/7, meaning internal connection on your journey to higher truth. It’s about how you feel right now, and making sure you feel secure – Big Cancer Energy – and ready to move into your new life (after the changes of Jupiter into Sagittarius).

Just because of the plummeting stock market and government shutdown here in the US, I’ll also leave this reference to the current North Node in Cancer transit. What a time to be alive!

Make it personal thru the next new moon. Make it real. We will be dealing with a lot after new year, so make sure you’re ready.

Happy Holidays!