Hey hey hey!

It always seems like Mercury Retrograde sneaks up on me, so I tried making some memes that quickly capture how our 2019 cycles are going to go.

Retrogrades are caused by an optical illusion due to our orbit relative to the planets. They do not change their orbits but the planets appear to slow their trajectory in the sky and stop, go backward for awhile, then stop and go forward again. When this happens, we are closer to the planet than at other times of the year.

For that reason, the energy the planet is operating under intensifies and goes inward. For instance, during the more familiar Mercury Retrograde communication seems to break down and during less common Venus Retrogrades we reevaluate our love. These cycles happen to make sure we are staying motivated and on top of things.

Some planets can spend half the year in retrograde! This just means that their influence is less immediate and measured more in years than days.

Hope this quick look ahead helps!!