Hi y’all,

The last New Moon in Sag has peaked with the Full Moon in Cancer just before Xmas, and we are winding it down through the New Year.

The next New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn at 6.28pm MST on January 5, 2019. New Moons are when the Sun and Moon meet at the same point in the zodiac and the moon appears dark in the sky. This union of the luminaries then gives impetus through the next new moon cycle, this time culminating with the Full SuperMoon Eclipse in Leo on January 20.

New Moon in Cap means taking measure. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is associated with time, temperance, and legacy. I think it’s not a coincidence that the calendar new year happens during Capricorn season – because Cap is Father Time that brings in the baby of the new year. We always look back on the accomplishments of the previous year during this time and look forward to planning the next. This New Moon will have all that in spades as we wake up from the holiday season and see what’s ahead.

Cap’s association with the 10th Astrological House gives importance to the ideas of career, reputation, and public life. Who are we when we represent ourselves to the world? New Year’s Resolutions often have to do with professional goals or reaching new personal heights. Cap rises from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain as its animal totem sea-goat, always striving upward til they reach the peak. This new moon will put the focus on who we are as we put ourselves out there. The 10th House also gives a collective idea to the public presentation – who are we becoming together?

This new moon happens at 15 Cap, right in between Saturn at 11 Cap and Pluto at 20 Cap. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac. It puts you through your lessons and makes you grow up. In classical astrology, it was called the Dark Sun, the Great Malefic, meaning that it was bad and was gonna kick your ass. Nowadays we think of it as less scary, but it definitely is a hardass. 

Pluto is also very dark, a damn generational pressure cooker. It has to do with transformation and conflict, sometimes even challenges to authority and subversion. Contemporary astrologers note how Pluto’s transit through each sign can be linked to different military conflicts and wars throughout the decades since its discovery.

So for this New Moon to be parked in between such heavies, I’m kinda seeing what might be considered a tumultuous month ahead. Not only that, but what happens during this moon cycle has the potential to have lasting consequences. Whereas the cycle we’re currently wrapping up had to do with following our own truth, this next one will have us in the collective consequences of our actions.

I’m thinking of the crazy ish that’s going on with the shutdown right now, and actually a bit nervous about what it means if it’s still happening by the New Moon on the 5th. Regardless, we will be dealing with some wild news over the course of the next month. 

I think a feature of the New Moon chart worth noting is that we have what’s called a bucket shape going on with all the planets on one side, and the North Node in Cancer by itself on the other as the Singleton. I think that this upcoming month could very well be filled with conflict and strife, everyone worrying about what happens next. I think it’s therefore very important to step into the lessons of Cancer energy and find it within ourselves to feel deeply and care for one another out there. We all have to step into the Mother role a bit more, reaching out and caring for each other person out there. The times will be hard, but we must be soft. We must nurture and hold space for others. It might get rough. Who is going to think of the actual children out there? I’m not even quoting a Simpsons right there. I mean, like the kids in cages right now. We have to care for all the kids of the world, even if they aren’t our kids.

I hope the new year brings you health, happiness, and prosperity! Party it up and have a blast, because we will all be thinking about other more important things very soon.

Cheers and Happy New Beers,